Credit Suisse on Biotech’s Nirvana Phase

Credit Suisse on Biotech’s Nirvana Phase
Posted March 27, 2015 by Joshua M Brown
There’s a really interesting piece of research out from Credit Suisse in which Ravi Mehrotra & Co lay out an “It’s different this time” thesis that seeks to explain why the huge rally in biotech stocks is justified and possibly not over yet.
They note that there are indeed […]

12 Rules Every Trader Must Learn – The Lincoln List

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Big Data and Social: The Key to Sentiment Analysis?

In today’s world where social media plays such a central role for so many people, it’s only natural that companies would want to get in on the action. With big data in the cloud and analytics tools such as Hadoop Hive, it’s easier for companies to use social media to their immediate advantage.There are many different reasons for wanting to […]

A Rookie Trader's Guide To 'Over Trading' And How To Avoid It

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With all the hype around Big Data, one of the most pressing concerns for organizations is finding qualified data scientists who’re able to translate that mish-mash of numbers into something that makes sense – actual insights that can be used to pursue businesses’ goals and strategies.The opportunities for data scientists are said to be enormous, mainly because there aren’t enough […]

Stock Trading: The Deadly Enemies – Greed, Fear and Hope

Jesse Livermore described the emotions of hope, greed and fear at various times as:* The speculator’s chief enemies* His natural foes* The speculator’s deadly enemiesLivermore’s views on hope and fear lie at the heart of successful trading. He describes how traders fail when they allow hope of recovery to prevent them cutting their losses and fear of losing a small […]