Robert Shiller: This Stock Market Is a "Great Enigma …

shuttyConfounded by this wacky stock market? You’re not alone.Robert Shiller, the 69-year-old acclaimed economist who helped create the Case-Shiller home-price index, is having a tough time deciphering this U.S. stock market too.The 2013 Nobel laureate and Yale University economics professor told MarketWatch that this volatile, post-financial-crisis market, in which interest rates have been at or near zero since 2008, is […]

The Biggest Risks to Stock Market In 2015 | RealClearMarkets

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February 18, 2015The Distortions Of Market Cap IndexesGaveKal Capital

February 18, 2015To Make Money In Markets, Block Out NoiseJoe Chidley, National Post

February 18, 2015Productivity Will Rise As This Bull Market EnduresKen Fisher, Forbes

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What to Really Fear About the Stock Market | RealClearMarkets

Six years into the bull market in stocks and there’s no shortage of scary things on investors’ worry list.From Vladimir Putin and Greece to the dramatic plunge in oil prices, something is bound to trip up the stock market, right? After all, the good times on Wall Street can’t last forever.But the key to knowing where stocks are going next […]

How a 'stock market for people' is funding a shot at the next billion …

SAN FRANCISCO–If you can’t beat them, try beating them another way.In 2004, Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith launched a startup called Tagged. They hoped to outdo another nascent project, known at the time as “thefacebook,” in the then-wide open world of social networks.We know how that turned out. Facebook became the world’s largest social network, with 1.39 billion monthly active […]

Storm Warning for the Stock Market | RealClearMarkets

apWe’ve witnessed five stock market swoons since last August, including two declines alone this month. Yet in the first four instances, the market averages came roaring back in V-shaped recoveries to make new highs. And only in one of the slides, in October, did stock indexes even flirt with correctionland, a 10% fall in prices.Read Full Article ››TAGGED:Stock Market, Jonathan […]

A December Massacre for the Stock Market? | RealClearMarkets

apGiven the history of how stock market collapses happen, we may be ripe for a shock move lower.Read Full Article ››TAGGED:Stock Market, Michael Gayed

December 15, 2014Treasurys Suggest a Post-QE CrashMichael Gayed, MarketWatch

Alpha is not generated over time from being up more than stocks, but rather from avoiding large downdrafts and periods of heightened stock-market volatility. Some have argued I […]

How Geopolitical Threats Affect the Stock Market | RealClearMarkets

Godspeed to all of those souls who’ve been injured, killed or have lost loved ones this week – by my count the number is over 700 casualties and counting, between the two affected regions. Tonight we’re going to talk about how geopolitical threats affect the stock market.Read Full Article ››TAGGED:Stocks

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How Geopolitical Threats Affect the Stock Market | RealClearMarkets

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The Stock Market Correction That Nobody Noticed | RealClearMarkets

From a certain angle the stock market sure looks sweet. Both the S&P 500 index and the Dow Jones industrial average are setting new record highs seemingly on a daily basis. The number of winning stocks also continues to swamp the losers, historically a sign of strength for equities.Read Full Article ››TAGGED:Stocks

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The Stock Market Correction That Nobody Noticed | […]

RealClearMarkets – GE Rally: An Omen for Stock Market Crash?

gtlo88The U.S. equity markets have lately been testing uncharted territories, with two out of three major indices scaling record highs amid questionable fundamentals. Both S&P 500 and Dow Jones closed at new lifetime highs last Monday. Read Full Article ›› TAGGED: General Electric, Stock Market

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RealClearMarkets – GE Rally: An Omen for Stock Market Crash?

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RealClearMarkets – A Boring Stock Market Can Be a Risky One

dippoThe most common complaint about the stock market in recent weeks is how dull it’s been. Read Full Article ›› TAGGED: Michael Santoli, Stock MarketRECOMMENDED ARTICLESJune 10, 2014Confident Stock Market: Is This a Good Thing?John Kimelman, Barron’sJune 10, 20145 Reasons Why Stock Market Is Shining BrightAdam Shell, USA TodayJune 10, 2014Stocks Versus Bonds: One Market Could Get PoundedPatti Domm, […]