How big data is providing pearls of wisdom for Tasmanian oyster …

It takes human senses to appreciate the wonders of Australia’s natural environment. But it is machine intelligence that may prove critical to our ability to manage it.Numerous projects around Australia are now using advanced data analytics techniques (also known as big data) to better understand and manage the complexity of natural systems. Modern analytical techniques – particularly the capability to […]

Taking the creepy out of Big Data – mUmBRELLA

Taking the creepy out of Big DataWhile most people find Big Data creepy, Paddy Nixon and Ros Harvey from the University of Tasmania argue democratising it would be a real social benefit.Big Data has a reputation for being creepy; the domain of “Big Business” and “Big Government”. At best it’s the driver of relentless advertising, uniquely targeted and eerily reminiscent of our most recent […]

DNA + Fossils = The Big Data of Life | In Their Own Words | Big Think

What’s incredible about genomics is its ability to get a lot of data really fast in a way that can be analyzed in very useful ways. So when you think about a museum – that is where our culture stores and preserves all the samples of all the rest of the types of life on the planet. We have […]