The Brand-New Must-Have Device That Spies On Everything You Do

I have to admit I want one of these. This might be the coolest device ever invented. Introducing The Amazon EchoIt’s like having your very own Government spy right there in your living room, listening to every word you say – tracking everything you do – storing it on the cloud.According to Amazon’s Website:
Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. […]

Discover a New Way of Thinking About Society and the Stock Market …

Discover a New Way of Thinking About Society and the Stock MarketStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Jun 17, 2015 – 08:32 AM GMTBy: EWIEditor’s note: This video was excerpted from a new multimedia report, “The New Financial Theory that Could Make the Difference in Your Investing Success,” from Elliott Wave International, the world’s largest financial forecasting firm. Authored by Robert Prechter, […]

The Stock Market – A Picture Of Excess | Zero Hedge

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via,More Ominous ChartsWe have decided to expand a bit on our recent post about “ominous charts” and show a few more charts that should at least give one pause. We hasten to add that none of them should be seen as timing indicators. It must be stressed that we continue to be in unprecedented situation, […]

The Stock Market is Topping! | Brad Gudgeon |

The Stock Market is Topping!By: Brad Gudgeon | Sat, May 16, 2015SharePrintEmailLast time I wrote, I expected to see new highs on the S&P 500. The week before, I submitted a cycle chart where an expected three week cycle top should occur on May 18th. We are within a hair’s breadth of the 2130 target I had for last week […]

Stock Market Deflationary Outcome. It's Coming :: The Market Oracle …

Stock Market Deflationary Outcome. It’s ComingStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015May 08, 2015 – 10:39 AM GMTBy: Tim_WoodThe reality is that ever since the 2000 top, both the economy and the stock market have been trying to deflate. It has been these deflationary forces that the Money Masters have been fighting. In the process, they created the housing bubble, the 2007 […]

6 stocks that left the bull market in the dust

If you put money in stocks at just about any point in the past six years, you’re probably pretty happy.America is in the midst of the fourth longest stock market expansion in history.Monday marks the six-year anniversary of the day the S&P 500 hit its low point after the financial crisis. Since then, the index has risen over 200%.But that […]

Top Performing Russell 3,000 Stocks Year-to-Date

2014 is quickly coming to an end, so below is a look at the 50 best performing Russell 3,000 stocks year-to-date. As shown, the top seven stocks in the index are from the Health Care sector. RadNet (RDNT) ranks first with a YTD gain of 388.62%. Receptos (RCPT) ranks second at +345.74%, followed by Avanir Pharma (AVNR) in third at […]

The Elfenbein Theory Which Explains the Entire Stock Market …

The Elfenbein Theory Which Explains the Entire Stock MarketI had a little extra time this morning, so I’d thought I’d do a quick post which explains the entire stock market for you.Before I begin, let me stress that I’m discussing generalities of how the stock market behaves. As you read this, I urge you to focus on the larger themes […]

Technical Analysis Of The Stock Market | Seeking Alpha

Astrology fascinated some of the most brilliant minds of the past. They included Galileo and Kepler. Today some lesser lights devote much effort and time to technical analysis of the Stock Market. In both cases, people are fascinated by the challenge of discovering meanings hidden in numerical sequences as observed in the sky or charts of the stock market. And […]

Google Searches Linked to Stock Market Moves – Scientific American

Wanna know what the most popular movies, albums and video games are? Ask the internet. But don’t Google it. Check what other people Googled. That’s the theory behind Google Flu Trends—which crunches search data to forecast flu prevalence. With admittedly mixed results.Nevertheless, researchers have applied the idea to the stock market. They found that when searches related to business and […]