who is in the Know?

Who is in the KnowfictionEdward w PritchardIt is humbling to contemplate how many folks have come before us and how few of them have left a mark that they were here.Author writes he is fascinated by unknown cave dweller who took time out to draw an outline of His or Her hand.Have we evolved past that statement?Author has been thinking […]

Stock Trading at Raven Industries Inc. (RAVN): Thomas Iacarella …

Stock Trading at Raven Industries Inc. (RAVN): Thomas Iacarella Increases Exposure
By Pamela Gavinoon August 25, 2014Business & Finance, Finance, Tech
Thomas Iacarella, Vice President & CFO of Raven Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:RAVN), completed an acquisition of 15,500 shares of Common Stock on last 21st. August. Using stock options, he was able to buy them at a price of $15.03 per share. […]

Rubikloud Raises $1 Million To Drive Conversion Rates With Big Data

E-commerce companies rely on a number of signals to tell them when customers are likely to make a purchase and where they might drop off. But in many cases, they rely on several different backend systems that all measures different parts of the business. A new startup called Rubikloud seeks to simplify all that, with a single platform that uses […]