TraderFeed: Assessing Demand and Supply in the Stock Market

TraderFeed: Assessing Demand and Supply in the Stock Market

Assessing Demand and Supply in the Stock MarketBy now readers are aware that measures I track closely are buying pressure (demand) in the market versus selling pressure (supply). My measures are derived from a decomposition of the NYSE TICK, which is issued by the New York Stock exchange. The TICK is a […]

TraderFeed: Measuring Stock Market Sentiment Minute by Minute

Suppose we could ask all participants in the U.S. stock market whether they are bullish, bearish, or neutral on the market’s direction and get a fresh reading every minute? That might be useful information, as it would show when bullish or bearish sentiment is turning; when it is becoming extreme; when it is staying bullish or bearish over time, etc.When […]

TraderFeed: Are We Headed For a Stock Market Crash?

There have been some reports of very weak NYSE TICK statistics and the possibility those could foreshadow a stock market crash. I’ve received several requests to update my Cumulative TICK Line for readers. This consists of the summed total of five-minute high-low-close values for NYSE TICK (upticks minus downticks for all NYSE shares). As you can see, the cumulative line […]