The Ticker, Week 1: The stock market of baseball – Fake Teams

Baseball players are subject to all sorts of vagaries in performance and value. How does it look less than a week in?I went to the NCAA title game Monday in Indianapolis, which was great, except for the fact that I’m a UK fan who got my tickets when everything was all-“40-0,” all the time, and instead I had to watch […]

ETF Investing: This 6-year-old bull market’s big winners: biotech, pharma and value stocks

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — The current bull market is marking its sixth birthday, and a few slices of the stock market have more reason to celebrate than others.Who really deserves to whoop it up? Biotech and pharma ETFs, value ETFs that aim to find bargains, and ETFs targeting consumer-discretionary or retail stocks.The 10 ETFs that have performed best since the […]

Interviewing Pro Trader Ross Cameron Monday Jan 12th 8 PM EST …

UPDATE – Video archive now available for viewing!Next Monday night, 8 PM EST, on my Ticker.tv channel StockJunkie, I am going to have the pleasure of interviewing Ross Cameron of DayTradeWarrior.com.When someone referred me to Ross Cameron’s year end results for 2014, I immediately took an interest. From his blog post, Ross finished the year with a total profit of […]

Ticker.TV – Live Streaming for Investors and Traders – Stock Trading …

Today I am extremely excited to officially announce that our latest project, Ticker.TV, is going live tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST.If you have heard of Twitch, the live streaming site for gamers, Ticker.TV will feel right at home.Ticker.TV allows any investor or trader to stream a live computer broadcast to the web for free. Viewers can interact with the broadcaster […]

Is the Stock Market Really Rigged? | Competitive Enterprise Institute

Everyone seems to be jumping into the debate about high-frequency trading, now that Michael Lewis is peddling his new book, Flash Boys.Lewis contends that the stock market is rigged, and that the culprit is high-frequency traders. But not everyone agrees that they are to blame, or that the stock market is even rigged to begin with.Cliff Asness, founder of AQR […]