Stock Market Downtrend Continues | Brad Gudgeon | Safehaven.com

Stock Market Downtrend ContinuesBy: Brad Gudgeon | Sat, Jun 6, 2015SharePrintEmailLast weekend, I was looking for a low on Monday, a rally into Wednesday and then down into June 8, followed by a rally into June 10 and then down hard into June 12. The low came on Tuesday, and we did rally into a Wednesday top, but the amplitude […]

Wild Swings Coming in Stock Market! | Brad Gudgeon | Safehaven …

Wild Swings Coming in Stock Market!By: Brad Gudgeon | Sat, May 30, 2015SharePrintEmailLast time I wrote, the market looked toppy and I was anticipating a 2.5 week low Tuesday (which used to be the dominant 5 week lo). We rallied Wednesday after the expected selling then sold off the rest of the week. I had said that I expected a […]

Stock Market: Big Sell-Off Looming! | Brad Gudgeon | Safehaven.com

Stock Market: Big Sell-Off Looming!By: Brad Gudgeon | Sat, May 2, 2015SharePrintEmailLast time I wrote, I was expecting the stock market to fill the gap left on the SPX near 2081-82 by Friday last week. That was accomplished on Thursday when the SPX fell to 2077. What I saw on my indicators showed more a lack of buying than true […]

US Stock Market Will Likely Drop 5% by Next Week! – Safehaven.com

US Stock Market Will Likely Drop 5% by Next Week!By: Brad Gudgeon | Wed, Apr 15, 2015SharePrintEmailLast weekend, I expected the US stock market to drop suddenly from Monday into Tuesday. While I expected about close to a 2% drop, we got closer to a 1% drop instead (I give myself a C grade there). Out of this cycle low […]