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38th DG – Stock Trading Workshop with RHB
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June 6
Discussion Group

We are grateful to RHB for a stock trading workshop. It was a Full day training from 10:00 – 17:00 and everyone have gained better knowledge on how to trade stock and risk factors to be taken into consideration.Related Information39th DG – Startup Business
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TraderFeed: New Highs and Lows in the Stock Market and What …

TraderFeed: New Highs and Lows in the Stock Market and What They Tell Us

New Highs and Lows in the Stock Market and What They Tell UsIf you’ve followed the blog for a while, you know that tracking the number of stocks across all exchanges making fresh one- and three-month new highs versus lows is one of my favorite measures of […]

the silliness of Bob Pisani and CNBC

We love how consistently silly Bob Pisani and CNBC are.CNBC has never, and will never understand trend following as a discipline. Never mind there are dozens of trend following firms with hundreds of billions under management. And never mind there are thousands of individual trend following investors and traders doing perfectly well.We love their silliness because their audience are the […]

Best & Worst Days in Stock Market History [Infographic] – Timothy …




Intro:Do you know about the history of the stock market? Understanding the most significant events both good and bad that have taken place in our country’s financial history is pertinent to any investor. Learning about the past informs us of what we can expect from similar events in the future. This is key in all walks of investing. Because it […]

The Value of Big Data | Starkmedia Blog

Big data has become the buzzword within the digital marketing community—and rightfully so.  The way we approach the abundance of data an organization has at their fingertips about their customers is the fundamental challenge that marketers face today. Marketers need to understand what questions can be asked and answered with big data or else big data is just another buzzword. […]

Herding in the stock market may inspire human-guided trading …

(Phys.org) —Humans have a strong tendency to belong to a group, an instinct that often manifests in herding behavior. Not limited to humans, herding exists throughout nature, for example in ant colonies, schools of fish, and flocks of birds. But what about the stock market?


The Stock Market isn't Where you Get RichPragmatic Capitalism …

As a society we praise people who make it rich in the stock market.  Every day we hear stories about money managers who “beat the market”, the stock that rose 100% in a matter of days or some myth about Warren Buffett.  This get rich story is all a very enticing story and it’s even true on many occasions, but […]

Technical Analysis: Looking Beyond The Nasdaq Head-and …

The Nasdaq-100 (INDEXNASDAQ:NDX) continues to build out a medium-term Head & Shoulders Top pattern that began developing during December 2013′s Santa Claus rally.  Aside from noting the dark irony of how that stupefyingly bullish phenomenon has been appropriated by a much larger bearish pattern, know from the start the H&S Top remains a potential pattern only, albeit with a clean […]

How to Trade Stocks – Profitable Trading Tips

As the stock market rises in value new investors and potential traders become interested in how to trade stocks. How to trade stocks successfully is not just a matter of acting on a stock tip from your friend. It is a matter of learning both fundamental as well as technical analysis of stocks, market sectors, and […]