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Robinhood, the free-to-use stock trading application once only available for iOS, is now downloadable on Google Play. Robinhood axes the necessity to pay firms to manage your financial transactions, putting you in the driver seat of real-time market data and quotes. Containing a wonderfully Material design, the app makes tracking of stock simplistic with color schemes, indicating the opening and closing of […]

HedgeChatter combines social media data with stock market …

HedgeChatter combines social media data with stock market prediction Eric David | March 6thREAD MOREThe stock market might seem like a roulette wheel to some or a temperamental herd of cats to others, but there is more science, psychology, and art to trading than simply picking the stocks that match your initials. No one can predict the future, but Dallas-based “social […]

Tradiio Thinks a Virtual Music Stock Market Is a Good Idea – Digital …

Tradiio Thinks a Virtual Music Stock Market Is a Good Idea
Thursday, November 20, 2014
Nina Ulloa

Tradiio is a new platform/game that will soon launch. The platform is scheduled to go live in England in February 2015, but is based in Portugal, according to Dinheiro Vivo.
Tradiio says the platform will be free.
Users will listen to artists who have uploaded their music to […]

Social Media Sentiment Analysis on Robin Williams – EaseSocial

Analysis of people’s perception on Robin Williams death
Robin Williams was a popular Americal actor, stand-up comedian, film producer, and screenwriter. His many acclaimed films include Popeye, The World According to Garp, Good Will Hunting, Hook, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Night at the Museum, and so on. He is best remembered for his voice role as the Genie in the animated […]

BRICS Summit 2014: Social Media Sentiment Analysis on Narendra …

Analysis of People’s perception on Narendra Modi’s visit to BRICS 2014Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who attended the BRICS summit 2014 in Brazil, addressed the leaders of the five-nation grouping and stressed on the fact that it should be driven by people-to-people contact led by the youth of the five nations.Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his maiden visit to the BRICS […]

Doing threat analysis big data while preserving user privacy. – F …

Doing threat analysis big data while preserving user privacy.
Posted by Jarno @ 07:33 GMT

Doing things the smart way requires good visibility, so we had to start doing big data. Or should we say big information, since any fool can collect massive amount of data, the trick is in converting big data into small and […]

Profit in 60 Seconds Review: Learn How to Trade Stocks, Shares …

Orcutt, CA — (SBWIRE) — 03/06/2014 — Profit in 60 seconds has become widely acclaimed throughout the internet marketing due to the incredible profits it provides to the users by trading different 60 seconds options on the Forex. Anyone who is looking for a successful business opportunity that can lead to a life-changing experience should definitely start trading through […]

You Can't Fake Social Sentiment | Social Media Experts

When brands and businesses are making their first steps into the big wide social media universe, they may feel that gaining likes and followers is a must and will be looking for ways to create “buzz” around their account or event.Many may even implement a campaign of getting well known individuals or companies to promote their page and products, a […]

Hadoop, There It Isn't—A Startup Bucks The Big Data Consensus …

Data At Work profiles data scientists working at the cutting edge of big data.
Konstantin Gredeskoul knows what you want.
He’s the CTO of Wanelo, one of the online-shopping startups that’s pioneering the Visual Web. It’s a wicked mixture of Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram with a simple twist—everything you see on Wanelo is for sale online. Its more than 10 million […]