2015 2nd Quarter Market Commentary

2015 2nd Quarter Market CommentaryJuly 22, 2015 | Documents and Literature,Insight,News & Press | Editor | 0 CommentOverviewThe fireworks came out just in time for the Fourth of July.  The second quarter was relatively sleepy until the end of June when the Greek debt crisis made headlines again.  Greece rejected a cash-for-reform proposal by the EU and missed an IMF […]

Yes! It is a Stock and Bond Bubble!

7-1-15Secular Market Top – Since January 2000+53.3% Dow+171.8% Transports+94.2% Utilities+40.4% S&P 500+22.5% Nasdaq+52.2% 30yr Treasury Bond+304.6% Gold+132.3% OilFrom High to Low+304.6% Gold+171.8% Transports+132.3% Oil+94.2% Utilities+53.3% Dow Jones+52.2% 30 Year Treasury+40.4% S&P 500+22.5% NasdaqIt is easily seen that in the year 2000 the Nasdaq was horribly overvalued and gold was on the give away table, such lopsided returns 15 years later!Here […]

Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – July

Summary: Overall, fund managers’ asset allocations in July provide a confused view.On the one hand, fund managers raised cash to a 6 1/2 year high. It hasn’t been this high since the height of panic in late 2008. This is normally contrarian bullish.Note, however, that allocations to equities rose over the past month. Most of the rise in cash came […]

Sector Detector: Bulls prepare for a new buying opportunity, courtesy of Greece

Of course, all eyes have been on Greece in an ongoing saga that, although critical to the Greeks, is mostly just an annoying distraction for global investors — partly because it has been going on for so many years, with the proverbial can of inevitability continually being kicked down the road, and partly because there can be no winners in […]

Stock Market News for June 23, 2015 – Zacks Investment Research

Hopes of Greece and its creditors reaching a deal later this week helped benchmarks end higher on Monday. Greece has submitted new fiscal proposals to avert a default. Separately, the Nasdaq closed at an all-time high lifted by gains in biotech stocks.For a look at the issues currently facing the markets, make sure to read today’s Ahead of Wall Street […]

Stock Market News for June 18, 2015 – Zacks Investment Research

Benchmarks ended Wednesday’s choppy trading session slightly higher after Fed officials said the economy is ready for a rate hike this year. Meanwhile, Janet Yellen emphasized that the timing of a rate hike isn’t important; instead the focus should be on the pace and trajectory of rate hikes.For a look at the issues currently facing the markets, make sure to […]

Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – June

Summary: Overall, fund managers’ asset allocations in June provide a confused view.On the one hand, fund managers raised cash to a 6-month high and reduced their global equity exposure to an 8-month low. Relative to recent history, this is contrarian bullish.Note, however, that most of the fall in their equity allocations came from further reducing emerging markets exposure; allocations to […]

Credit Suisse Raises S&P 500 Target, but Warns of Stock Market …

The bull market is now more than six years old. Equities are trading at what is a historically high premium against earnings, and there has not been a 10% correction in over three years. All of this sets up continued discussions about a stock market bubble or an argument for a big correction — or even a crash.Credit Suisse has […]

Traders chat on stock rally, June 10 – Business Insider

Akin Oyedele

Jun. 10, 2015, 11:54 AM

REUTERS/Lucas JacksonTraders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at the market close in New York on October 17, 2014.Stocks are having their strongest session in several days.The Dow gained as much as 250 points after news crossed that Germany may be offering Greece the opportunity to come up with one economic reform […]

Stock Market News for June 03, 2015 – June 3, 2015 – Zacks.com

Benchmarks ended slightly lower after a slump in utility stocks offset rise in energy shares. While high-dividend utility stocks took a beating due to rise in bond yields, energy shares gained as weaker dollar pushed oil prices higher. The euro strengthened against the dollar on upbeat Eurozone inflation data. Moreover, encouraging news on Greece’s debt crisis boosted the single currency.For […]