STTG Market Recap Jan 8, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

Quick note – Please take our quarterly reader survey here; just 3 quick questions to help us continue to serve you. Thanks!Thursday’s rocket move upward is exactly the type of session that bears have had nightmares about for years on end.  What looked like nothing more than an oversold bounce yesterday to offset some pressure turned into a huge move […]

Forms of Technical Analysis – EarnForex

In my opinion, there are four basic forms of technical analysis that are used to publish technical analysis by experts for other Forex market participants:Text
Static charts
Audio broadcasts
You can see the examples of text technical analysis published every Saturday in this blog. The benefit of such form is the exact price levels that do not offer any opportunity for inaccurate reading. […]

3 Stocks With Premium To Trade Into The Summer … – Minyanville

The stock market goes through cycles of volume tied to the time of year. The saying “sell in May and go away” has long been an adage shared by many traders. As the weather is getting warmer and many investors’ thoughts begin to shift to the beach, options traders like myself will begin to adjust their trading plans to accommodate […]

10 Golden Penny Stock Trading Rules/Tips From My 2nd Millionaire …

Share”/>EmailShare”/>EmailAs I explained in this free video lesson last night I’ve had a MONSTER week earning $152,000 in trading profits…and I made another $8,000ish today for a grand total of $160,000 in profits this week, putting me up a staggering $375,000 the first 2 months of 2014, nearly matching my $393,000 in trading profits for all of 2013, every trade […]

Are personalised videos created using 'big data' just a gimmick …

Yesterday I was invited to the UK launch of a new personalised video platform, created by Dutch company Rednun.Rednun claims that if you want the biggest impact possible for the maximum number of people, you can’t do it by producing just one video and uploading it on a shared video platform. You need to personally tailor each video for every individual […]