Stock Market Report: Vikings vs. Raiders – Daily Norseman

The good, the bad, and the ugly weather from the preseason game between the Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders.Whew. That was the preseasoniest preseason game ever. As if these games weren’t already choppy and interminably long enough, a late summer thunderstorm rolled through the Twin Cities during the second quarter, causing a 65 minute delay. (A time that was verified […]

Stock Market Report: Titans – Daily Norseman

The Vikings beat the Titans 19-3 in their 4th Preseason game, improving their Preseason record to an undefeated 4-0. Are things looking up for our Minnesota Vikings?So, hi.  CCNorseman here.  I’m filling in for Ted, while he’s yucking it up on vacation.  Rumor has it that he’s wearing jort jorts and flippy floppies ON A BOAT!  So, you’ll just have […]

Stock Market Report: Raiders – Daily Norseman

The Vikings topped the Raiders in a pre-season game that was sloppy, which we expe–SHUTUP AND TELL ME HOW TEDDY LOOKEDThere’s a lot of good and bad to take away from pre-season games, especially the first one.  For one, we’re so happy football is back, we tend over over analyze things. There’s an air of optimism about the Vikings among […]

NFL Draft 2014: Vikings Round One Stock Market Report – Daily …

It was a glass case of emotion, but it worked out.Ahhh, the NFL Draft.  When Blake Bortles got picked by Jacksonville, every mock draft everywhere got blown up like a terrorist getting attacked by a drone, and we all rejoiced. At least I did, because I was frickin’ sick of mock drafts, yo.Look, I’ve got nothing against Blake Bortles, and […]

Minnesota Vikings Off-Season: Stock Market Report – Daily Norseman

We’re not through with the off season yet, as the draft is still over a month away. But we can still identify some solid stock.At the end of the 2013 season, the Vikings had a lot more headed in the wrong direction than they did headed in the right direction. Most importantly, work on the new stadium had […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: How in the….What … – Daily Norseman

This is where my blank, numb stare goes.You know, when your favorite team is 3-8-1, it’s easy to just kind of put your fandom on cruise control. Maybe watch a little bit of the first quarter, then get some projects done around the house. Or maybe head out and do some errands, and when you get home about […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: Seahawks – Daily Norseman

You know, going into Sunday’s game against Seattle, I didn’t expect the Vikings to, you know, actually beat the Seahawks. I mean let’s face it. Seattle is the best team in the NFC, they were at home, and they had Percy Harvin returning. The Vikings don’t play well on the road, have found ways to self destruct […]