A Recent Testimonial from an ElliottWavePredictions.com Subscriber

I just had to share the following testimonial, received yesterday from one of my Weekly “Counts” Webinar subscribers:—“Sid,I wanted to thank you for the incredible research and analysis that you provide by giving you a brief history on me and how my account is exploding to the upside since I started following you and attending your webinars.After the economic meltdown […]

March 20 Webinar: How to Scale MySQL for Big Data Applications …

March 20 Webinar: How to Scale MySQL for Big Data ApplicationsPosted onMarch 13, 2014byAmanda JordanYou may think that you have to buy, install, and get up to speed on a new database if you want to work with large amounts of data, but you can do more than you think with the MySQL you already have.Register Now!SPEAKER: Jon Tobin, TokutekDATE: […]

Top 5 Reasons To Trade With a Hedge Fund | Fous Alerts

We just Completed an awesome live webinar with Over 150 attendees who were interested in what we had to say about this awesome Hedge Fund Trading opportunity . Peter Zhang  from Clique Fund LP joined me as we discussed the benefits you get when trading with a hedge fund compared to when […]

Brand Management using sentiment analysis of social media

The rise of social media is fundamentally changing the way customers perceive brands and interact with them. We are in the midst of a transition from organizations talking and the customer listening to a two-way, dynamic, customer led interaction.This presents exciting opportunities for organizations to harness […]