Time Travel, The Wall Street Wizard – Stock-Trading Time Traveler

Time Travel, The Wall Street Wizard – Stock-Trading Time Traveler

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Time Travel, The Wall Street Wizard – Stock-Trading Time Traveler
Ok we need some good news. If true it reaveals something about our future.the USA will still be here in 200 years.I do not know of anyone ever who has made […]

Saturday July 25, 215

$SPY, $STUDY Blowout earnings from AMZN set the stock market up for a nice bounce on Friday morning, however, with energy, materials and high-beta biotech stocks gapping down at the open, the overall upside momentum was short-lived. The Flash PMI out of China, which showed a contraction in manufacturing activities, had many investors worried. A sizable miss in June new […]

A Recent Testimonial from an ElliottWavePredictions.com Subscriber

I just had to share the following testimonial, received yesterday from one of my Weekly “Counts” Webinar subscribers:—“Sid,I wanted to thank you for the incredible research and analysis that you provide by giving you a brief history on me and how my account is exploding to the upside since I started following you and attending your webinars.After the economic meltdown […]

Has Biotech Turned the Corner?

The mixed close Tuesday further clouds the short-term market outlook as it suggests the correction from last week’s highs may not yet be over. A drop in the market tracking ETFs below last Friday’s lows will indicate a decline to more important support. The S&P futures are down in early trading and the heavy selling last week identifies that key […]

5 Reasons to Stay Bullish Over the Near-Term

5 Reasons to Stay Bullish Over the Near-TermPosted by Joe Fahmy
on April 12th, 2015

Share on StockTwits1) The NUMBER ONE criteria I use to evaluate the overall health of the market is the price action of leading stocks. Right now, I am finding many strong fundamental companies forming strong technical patterns. When I see this across many sectors, the market has […]

A stock market versus a market of stocks – MarketWatch

Free PreviewFor full access, Log in or Subscribe Now and get 4 weeks free!CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — Who is winning the “market of stocks versus a stock market” debate on Wall Street?This is one of the longest-lived debates, in no small part because there is no right answer. There are some market environments in which the vast majority of […]

Jan. 5, Weekly setups: Biotech blasters

Many of the stocks coming up in my scans are biotech companies So I wanted to see if we can find some that are gearing up for bigger moves.CARA, 19 Mill float. Just aded to biotech index in December.clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on developing and commercializing chemical entities designed to alleviate pain by selectively targeting kappa opioid receptors. Nice range […]

After record peaks, stock market cautious in 2015 – CNBC.com

“People are a bit more cautious as we head into the beginning of 2015; the 10-year and 30-year, these levels are taking everybody by surprise, after all this talk in the third week of December that we’re going to see rising rates,” Kinahan said of falling Treasury yields.”Financials are always key, with these rates down, these companies have become incredibly […]

Bears Breaking Bad – Momentum Stock Options

MomentumOptionsTrading.com Midday Update for 8/1/2014Bears Breaking Bad12:20 p.m. (EST)Futures were volatile throughout the night and were higher ahead of the overseas market opening, but got progressively worse ahead of Wall Street’s open. Dow futures were down over triple-digits at one point, but made a dramatic turnaround following a weaker-than-expected Non-farm Payrolls number.The drop to 209,000 jobs added came in worse-than-expected, […]

Twitter (TWTR) Zooms on Earnings Beat/ Update on US Steel (X …

MomentumOptionsTrading.com Midday Update for 7/30/2014 Twitter (TWTR) Zooms on Earnings Beat/ Update on US Steel (X)/ New Trade!!!12:50pm (EST)Twitter (TWTR, $46.79, up $8.20) sent the shorts sellers of its stock running for cover as shares are surging 21% today following an earnings beat-and-raise quarter.The naysayers that say said shares were headed back to the lows $30′s or that the company’s business […]