Profits in Cyber Security … And Up/Down Markets

Here’s a quick, executive summary of stories from this past abbreviated trading week, with a link to the full articles online. Markets were closed Friday.
Martin Weiss visits a small farming community of Japanese immigrants in Brazil.
Cyber Security LeadersAs promised, Martin Weiss gives you additional insights into cyber security companies, including some new analysis and the names of specific companies to […]

Exciting, Amazing Wealth-Building Power

I’ve just had the most exciting education experience in many years — three half-hour sessions with Jon Markman and the amazing wealth-building power of what he does. Here’s the transcript, edited for clarity and brevity. — MartinTechnology Investing Bootcamp: How to Profit in the Best and Worst of TimesPart I. Why Tech Stocks? And Why Now?Martin Weiss: […]

Combining Big Data And Human Resources Nets Visier $25.5 …

Continuing the growth of its software business applying big data analytics technologies to the human resources market, Visier has managed to attract $25.5 million in new financing.The new round will help the company expand into new verticals and consolidate its position in the human resources category, according to investors and the company’s chief executive John Schwartz.The former head of Business […]

'Definitely a bubble brewing' in stocks: Pro – CNBC.com

“Where I’d avoid is the consumer-related names. Stay away from the retail-type of names. I think consumer confidence is going to be hit hard,” he said. “But I think some of these commodity names take a bid. The dollar continues to get weaker. Emerging market data gets better, so a Rio Tinto, that type of names—those are where […]