Twitter's Big Data crunching 'BotMaker' muscles in on spam …

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you might have noticed a significant drop in the amount of spam messages and tweets bugging you. That’s because Twitter’s introduced a new anti-spam system called BotMaker that’s helped it to achieve a 40 percent reduction in its key spam metrics.Twitter’s Raghav Jeyaraman describes in a lengthy blog post why fighting Twitter spam is […]

Walking in a data-wonderland: Big Data meets virtual reality …

Walking in a data-wonderland: Big Data meets virtual reality Mike Wheatley | August 12thREAD MOREOne of the biggest challenges with Big Data is that the human mind is just too feeble to comprehend such vast amounts of information. Our brains just become overwhelmed when you’re talking petabytes upon petabytes of data, but EU researchers think they’ve hit upon a way […]

Can Big Data be the next big economic indicator? | SiliconANGLE

A group of British researchers believe they can harness the power of Wikipedia and Google searches to predict whether the economy’s going to go up or down.The research comes just a few months after Google Search’s Big Data was dismissed as a predictive tool, following reports that Google Flu Trends was well off the mark when it came to guessing […]

Intel bids to solve water shortages with Big Data | SiliconANGLE

Much of the conversation around Big Data is focused on big business and how it can be used to make money, but that’s not the only opportunity it presents. On the contrary, the real promise of Big Data is solving global problems and making the world a better place for us all to live.Intel is one company that’s hoping to […]

3 Big Data problems facing businesses in 2014 | SiliconANGLE

Few trends in technology were hotter than Big Data over the last 12 months. In fact, so much has been said about it during 2013 that it’s hard to see what else we can say in 2014. But of course, there’s sure to be plenty of developments we don’t know about yet, as trends like the Internet of Things, mobile […]

Who needs Big Data scientists? Pretty soon, there'll be an app for …

With all the hype around Big Data, one of the most pressing concerns for organizations is finding qualified data scientists who’re able to translate that mish-mash of numbers into something that makes sense – actual insights that can be used to pursue businesses’ goals and strategies.The opportunities for data scientists are said to be enormous, mainly because there aren’t enough […]

Inside the DNA of Big Data: The future of medicine & storage …

As Big Data gets even bigger, we’re going to need more elaborate ways of storing it than current technology allows. One idea that’s been floated about before is using DNA as a means of storing data, but it’s no longer just a theory – scientists at Harvard University say that doing so is a foregone conclusion, and it’ll soon be […]