Cramer Remix: The best stocks to own now

One stock that Cramer thinks has the legs to run further this year, is Deckers Outdoor Corp. The maker of Teva Sandals and UGG boots reported earnings five weeks ago, and stock was slammed, though Cramer thought it reported a terrific quarter.To find out where Deckers could be headed into next year, the “Mad Money” host spoke with Angel Martinez, […]

Here Are 7 Headwinds For The Already All-Time High Stock Market

Akin Oyedele

Nov. 17, 2014, 6:32 PM

Screenshot via Bloomberg TVDavid RosenbergSee AlsoROSENBERG: Bear Markets Don’t Just Happen — They’re Caused By These Two ConditionsMORGAN STANLEY: Here Are The 45 Best Stocks For The Long Run6 Hustles Warren Buffett Used To Make $53,000 By Age 16Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg doesn’t see a bear market in stocks any time soon.But this doesn’t mean […]

The Bond Rally Is Not A Good Omen For The Stock Market | Seeking …

SummaryBonds continue to defy the experts.
Bonds rallying since December even as the Fed tapers back its QE bond-buying, and even as pressures build for the Fed to begin raising interest rates sooner than expected.
They tend to move opposite to stocks, yet have rallied even though the stock market has rallied to new highs.
The Fed says the economy remains healthy enough […]

The Impact Of The World Cup On Stock Markets, In One Chart | Zero …

What “harsh weather”, aka completely unpredictable cold snaps and snow during the winter were to Q1 US GDP, which somehow cratered from an expected 2.5% increase to a -2.9% collapse (a $200 billion negative swing in the US economy due to weather, let that sink in for a second), the Brazil world cup may be to the stock market. At […]

Is big data the answer for every company? No! – Fortune Tech

Big data technology isn’t for every company, according to SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon. But for those in certain industries, it can have major impacts.FORTUNE — If software is eating the world, as described by the prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen in 2011, then big data is supposed to be saving it. Right?Popular use of the term “big data,” which is used to describe technologies that […]

Is Housing Ringing the Stock Market's Bell Again? | Sy Harding …

It is said that they don’t ring a bell at stock market tops.However, the housing industry has sometimes been quite adept at doing just that. In fact, it has been quite prescient in leading the economy, and thus the stock market, in both directions.The most obvious tops followed the bursting of real estate bubbles, such as in 1989, which led […]

Gigaom Research webinar: solving big data challenges with in …

There is an incredible amount of buzz in the industry right now about in-memory databases, but understanding the correct use cases for these solutions is less clear. Knowing where to use in-memory technology to enable data-driven decision making, better engagement with customers, discover competitive advantages and reduce costs is propelling many companies ahead of their less-data-savvy competitors.In this webinar, our […]

Oslo Stock Exchange avoided earlier OL lull

Officials at the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) announced on Friday that even though trading almost came to a halt during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer 20 years ago, it was as lively as ever during the recent Olympic action in Sochi, Russia. The lack of an “OL lull,” they think, reflects the larger numbers of non-Nowegian investors now active on […]

Localist Roundup: Small Parks and Big Data – Front Porch Republic

Localist Roundup: Small Parks and Big Databy Josiah Duran on January 16, 2014 · 0 comments Print this article” rel=”nofollow”>Print this article” title=”Print this article” style=”border: 0px;” /> Print this article” rel=”nofollow”>Print this article
in ShortIf the assessment in this piece is correct, President Obama won’t shy away from using executive orders to implement his agenda for the year. Meanwhile, legislators in […]