What About the Stock Market? | Terry Savage – Huffington Post

What’s the worst thing that could happen to your stock market portfolio? The obvious answer is a bear market, one that takes the popular averages down at least 20 percent. In fact, many bear markets have seen a loss of twice that magnitude, including the bear of 2007-2009, which took the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 54 percent from top […]

Chinese Housewives Displeased After Biggest Stock Market Drop In 2 Years

For the 4th day in a row, China opened with a dip last night, but this time it was different. A half-hearted BTFD-effort was met with major selling pressure. Between real-estate developer Kaisa’s failed bailout and yet another entity defaulting (Zhuhai Zhongfu stock plummetted) it appears the 8% rip of the last few days in the Shenzhen Composite was just […]

SOCGEN: Here Comes A Decade Of Crummy Stock Market Returns

Societe GeneraleWall Street’s strategists get paid tons of money to quibble over what stocks might do over the next year.
But most investors have longer-term time horizons to consider.Today, the analysts at Societe Generale update their 10-year outlook for the global stock markets.In brief, they don’t think investors should be anticipating the double-digit annual returns of the recent past.”US equities face […]