Bullish Biotech Stocks CLDN Celladon, QURE Uniqure – Charts Trading At All Time High

Bullish Biotech Stocks CLDN Celladon, QURE Uniqure – Charts Trading At All Time Highby Olivier on March 10, 2015These are two extremely bullish looking Biotech stock charts. Both are trading near their respective all time high. I recently posted them on Twitter and wanted to highlight them:CLDN – CelladonCLDN recently gapped above its all time high. From a purely technical […]

New Biotech ETFs Offer Exposure to Smaller Players in Hot Sector

The new BioShares exchange traded funds offer exposure into small and mid-sized biotech stocks in what portends to be a big year in the sector.See original here:New Biotech ETFs Offer Exposure to Smaller Players in Hot SectorTagged as: amgn, bbc, big-year, biotech, etfs, exchange-traded, Finance, funds-offer, ibb, mid-sized-biotech, Personal Finance, sector, video: markets, Youtube

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New Biotech ETFs Offer Exposure to […]

Market Wrap-up for Nov. 24 – 3 Astounding Facts About Today’s Markets

The past five-plus years have made for some amazing returns for equities investors. Here are some cold hard facts to put the rally into perspective.1. The S&P 500′s Price-to-Sales Ratio Has Never Been HigherMost people have heard of the S&P 500′s price-to-earnings ratio, or perhaps the more accurate Schiller ratio. What many investors aren’t aware of is the lesser-known price-to-sales ratio. […]

Market Wrap-up for Nov. 10 – 3 Sectors to Watch This Week

Market Wrap-up for Nov. 10 – 3 Sectors to Watch This WeekBy Tom Reese|November 10th, 2014

RSSA few key sectors will likely dominate the market action this week, playing a bigger-than-usual role in pushing the averages higher or lower. Here’s what investors should look out for in the coming days.1. How Will Oil Companies Hold Up?The per-barrel price of oil […]

Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted – Blacklisted News

Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted

Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted
July 30, 2014Share It | Print This

Source: Zero HedgeNo reasons given but Moscow Stock Exchange has just suspended trading with no reasons specified…One can’t help but wonder if this is another ‘sanction’ that was not officially described by President Obama and Jack Lew…Share This Article…
Please enable […]

Stock Trading Quick Tip: Education – Dumb Inspiration

It does not take very long when trading penny stocks (especially if you hang around on Twitter, Facebook, message boards, etc.) until you come across the tried and true “stock pick” scam. While it is most prevalent in the world of penny stocks, the concept still holds true for stocks on any exchange. In this Quick Tip lesson I expose […]

Live Stock Trading – $283 in 20 Minutes –

Watch me use Fibonacci Extensions to locate an entry point on one of the three trades recorded in the video.Visit my store to learn how to read and use charts.Read trader testimonials HERE about my private trading is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guidance Marketing, LLC. Guidance Marketing, LLC and its employees are not a Registered Investment Advisor, Broker Dealer or […]

2014/02/20 Big Mechanism Seeks the “Whys” Hidden in Big Data

February 20, 2014Program aims to leapfrog state-of-the-art big data analytics by developing automated technologies to help explain the causes and effects that drive complicated systems During the 1854 cholera epidemic in London, Dr. John Snow plotted cholera deaths on a map, and in the corner of a particularly hard-hit quadrangle of buildings was a water pump. Snow’s maps, a 19th-century version […]

Join us for our biggest Big Data event yet : #BigDataSV …

Following the success of #BigDataNYC, Wikibon and SiliconANGLE will be bringing its next independent Big Data broadcast to Silicon Valley.#BigDataSV will take place on February 11-13, 2014 at the Hilton Santa Clara, a few steps away from where the Strata Conference will be held. View the live broadcast in its entirety here on SiliconANGLE or on Subscribe to our […]