Take Control Of The GTA 5 Stock Market With CheckMyBAWSAQ …

Take Control Of The GTA 5 Stock Market With CheckMyBAWSAQ …

CheckMyBAWSAQ is a brand new iPhone app that allows gamers of Grand Theft Auto 5 to better monitor the in-game BAWSAQ stock market. Not only does the application offer at-a-glance information on the state of the BAWSAQ, but users can also configure push notifications for their personal portfolio, and graphical information on the market can be generated, too.

The name aside, if you’re a GTA 5 gamer this looks to be a must-have application. Plus, best of all, CheckMyBAWSAQ can be downloaded entirely free of charge (it’s optimized, we might add, for the iPhone and iPod touch).


Developer Nathan Willoughby explains in the app’s release notes:

This is the must have app that gives you the edge in the GTA5 BAWSAQ stock market. Providing you with up to date information so you know how much your stock is worth. CheckMyBAWSAQ allows you to set alerts on companies which will send push notifications that tell you as soon as their stock values start to fall so you know to start selling. Alternatively you can set an alert on a company whose stock value is in decline and as soon as it begins to rise CheckMyBAWSAQ will let you know to start buying.

Impressive, right? Stocks for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 markets are displayed in the application, and users can configure push notifications for particular stocks. It’s also possible to check on one’s in-game portfolio using the application, and CheckMyBAWSAQ will display details of recent transactions, too.

CheckMyBAWSAQ can be downloaded in the App Store free of charge, and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. Here’s hoping an iPad version is in the pipeline, too, though we’ll keep you updated on this front.

Below, we’ve included a handful of screenshots taken from within the app.

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Take Control Of The GTA 5 Stock Market With CheckMyBAWSAQ …

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