Tech stocks: How to get ahead of the game |

Tech stocks: How to get ahead of the game |

There are three key sectors where investors should be overweight so they can best outsmart the market, according to Saxo’s Peter Garnry; consumer discretionary as the global economy continues to open up, tech stocks because of their high growth rates and healthcare, specifically the biotech industry.

Speaking about tech stocks, Peter has his eye on three companies:

1. Microsoft. Peter thinks Microsoft is a stock that is misunderstood. Windows 8 may not have performed as well as expected but they have other products which are doing well.

2. Oracle. The company may not be growing as fast as it used to but he reminds investors that it still has a “phenomenal” product pipeline and is delivering infrastructure to the whole world’s database systems.

3. Qualcomm. It has “very high” growth rates because they deliver “very advanced” chips for tablets and smartphones and they have been able to keep their profit margins up but the valuation doesn’t reflect that yet.

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Tech stocks: How to get ahead of the game |

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