the silliness of Bob Pisani and CNBC

the silliness of Bob Pisani and CNBC

We love how consistently silly Bob Pisani and CNBC are.

CNBC has never, and will never understand trend following as a discipline. Never mind there are dozens of trend following firms with hundreds of billions under management. And never mind there are thousands of individual trend following investors and traders doing perfectly well.

We love their silliness because their audience are the lesser for it. It is like showing up a golf tournament and 8 of 10 players are a lousy shot.

Bob today put out an article, illustrating just how confused he and CNBC are.
Title: Despite problems, trend followers are happy Bob Pisani CNBC article – he has problems

1st – just take the title “Despite problems” Bob: my friend, we don’t care about what you think are “problems” .. such as Ukraine or Greece or earnings. Bob: if the market goes south, we have money management and exit rules, and, we will get on the other side. .. Bob.

2nd – Then Bob says “I have no problem with trend following, as long as there is something fundamental behind it.” Again we don’t care what you think, but this underscores his fundamental lack of understanding of trend following. Bob; my friend … what specific fundamentals do you think we need to pay attention to? The biotech stocks are moving to all time highs, Bob. So maybe they are trading on a ‘hope and a prayer’ .. is this the fundamentals that says we should sell, Bob?

The problem isn’t Bob. The problem is the financial media industry. If it is not ‘fundmental’ and if there is no ridiculous prediction(s), they can’t handle it.

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the silliness of Bob Pisani and CNBC

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