Top 5 Reasons To Trade With a Hedge Fund | Fous Alerts

Top 5 Reasons To Trade With a Hedge Fund | Fous Alerts

We just Completed an awesome live webinar with Over 150 attendees who were interested in what we had to say about this awesome Hedge Fund Trading opportunity . Peter Zhang  from Clique Fund LP joined me as we discussed the benefits you get when trading with a hedge fund compared to when you trade by yourself without the tools we can offer.

Top 5 Reasons Why To Trade With the Hedge Fund:

1. Trading by yourself without knowing how other pros trade is a recipe for defeat. Never trade alone and without proper education. We take you through an education process and are here to help you become profitable traders. I’ve been Teaching people how to trade stocks since 2006. Its what I do best. We work with you along the way to become the best trader you can possibly be.

2. FOUSELITE discount: Normally my top tier plan, of which includes my live FOUStv broadcast is $197/month. A lot of people look at that and think. Whoa thats expensive.  So as part of qualifying membership to the hedge fund I’m offering a MASSIVE discount making FOUSelite only $74.99 (Now my Cheapest Plan!) As long as you are trading with the hedge fund. But as a trader. You can make $197 in 30 seconds.. Soon that will be pocket change for you

3.  Trade Monitoring. In the Stock market, there are rules to this game. And the only people that win in the long run are those that follow them. Most people fail because they don’t have the discipline to follow the rules of the game. As a hedge fund trader, your trades are monitored and the rules of the game are implemented to protect you from yourself. As I have always said. First thing you need to do when getting started in trading is learn how to survive. Once you have done that. Its Time to make bank

4. Platform Fee’s Waived – Many firms and brokers will charge you a platform fee that can cost you $100’s of dollars/month.  With our hedgefund, you simply focus on trading. We take care of the platform fee. Trade with a Top Tier trading platform that is used by professional stock traders!

5. Trade Firm Capital – Depending on what level of education you complete and assessment, you may have access to trading our firm capital. Once you have proven your abilities to make the right decisions and become a profitable trader the fund will discuss allocating more trading power to your unit!

Sounds awesome right?? Click the Button Below , fill out the form. And a rep will be in touch shortly to personally cater to you! 

Check out todays Webinar With Peter Zhang and Myself if you missed todays Live Webinar

In addition – See Peter Zhang and his team in this one of a kind Documentary on HFT trading with the Legenday Haim Bodek! #wallstreetcode

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Top 5 Reasons To Trade With a Hedge Fund | Fous Alerts

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