Watch List 23-02-15

Watch List 23-02-15

All stocks are shorts once the momentum shifts

CRIS – Biotech, Market cap: 294M @ $3.4. S/O: 86M, Float:70M.
Initially up on a PR from mid Jan regrading a collaboration with Augenics (who now owns 10% of CRIS). CRIS also has a $120M worth of warrants and stock offerings sitting on the shelf. This is also the 7th offering they’ve made. This indicates to me that instead of raising money through sales they raise it via offerings…On a side note on the 26th January 11 directors bought call options at an exercise price of $1.94…Seems odd shortly after the stock rises unnatural ly!

AXN – Drugs, Market cap: 129M @ $1.95. S/O: 66M, Float: 34M,Debt: 34M, Cash: 2.4M
Up on earnings, total profit last Q was $557K, Market cap has risen by 96M…Total bogus!

CAPN – MC: Biotech, Market Cap:37M, S/O: 6.7M Float: 2.29 M
Up on a PR stating their product is now commercially available.

BLDP – Industrial goods, Market cap: 318M @ $2.41. S/O: 132M, Float:131M.
Up on a contract deal with VW worth 80-120M over 6 years. Stock is still up 50% from it’s 1.6 b/o point, so the market cap at this price has increased by $100M+. I think there is still some meat on the bone for more fade. No SEC filings in 6 years

IBIO – Biotech, Market cap: 318M @ $2.41. S/O: 132M, Float:131M.
Up on a PR regarding a new patent. IBIO has failed to submit their latest 10Q. Interestingly in the same quarter, IBIO had a major run from .6-3.5 on massive volume, which looks to like a typical pump and dump. The company is a piece of shit.

SAAS – App software, Market Cap: 685M @ 11.24, S/O: 61M, Float:58M.
Up on earnings

CLSN – Biotech, MC: 63M, S/O: 20M, Float: 15M
Up on a PR regarding typical +ve clinical data. Company has just filed a 424 with a value of 27M (1 of many stock offerings over the years). They also used their most recent debt to pay of prior debt. Such as shit company




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Watch List 23-02-15

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