Why Is Positive Sentiment About Obamacare Increasing? | Twitter …

Why Is Positive Sentiment About Obamacare Increasing? | Twitter …


Following last week’s revelations concerning President Obama’s broken promises about the benefits of Obamacare, the president’s poll numbers have fallen dramatically.

But has the president seen the same blowback on social media? Using the analytics tool Crimson Hexagon, we tracked the sentiment surrounding Obamacare over the last week.

Of the 8,869 relevant social media posts, support for the president’s healthcare law has increased to 16% of posts.

While this may be surprising to some, the president and his team at the White House are adept at fighting back on social media channels and are able to use the bully pulpit of the presidency to their advantage.

However, we have seen a spike in social media posts talking about concerns over Obamacare exemptions, and interest in people getting their own exemption from Obamacare. This conversation now stands at 25% of all relevant social media posts, which is a sizeable increase compared to last week’s 16%.

This spike in conversation could be attributed to the news that Congress will receive congressional concierges that will aid them when navigating through Obamacare.

As we have said before, the fight over Obamacare is far from over, as evidenced by the higher support number. But, with what seems like a constant stream of bad news related to the health care law, it will be harder and harder for the Obama administration to continue to garner support for the law.

How do you think the president’s strategy on social media has affected this debate? Tweet your thoughts to @BankruptingAm and let us know what you think.

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Why Is Positive Sentiment About Obamacare Increasing? | Twitter …

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