It's Not All about the Turkey; Trading Concepts Gives Thanks and …

It's Not All about the Turkey; Trading Concepts Gives Thanks and …

What does trading the markets have to do with turkey? This story isn’t about advice for trading agriculture; it’s about how Trading Concepts Inc., one of the oldest and most respected trading companies gives thanks by giving back.

“I am extremely grateful for these past 19 years of Trading Concepts’ success,” said Trading Concepts Founder and CEO Todd Mitchell. He is looking forward to celebrating 20 years in the trading industry next year. He has a heart to help others succeed.

Trading Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1994 upon the idea of helping others succeed in trading the markets. “Creating better traders through mentoring” is the company’s motto. But their concern for others’ well-being doesn’t stop there. Many of the Trading Concepts mentors and affiliates are big on philanthropy.

“Giving doesn’t just bless others; it blesses the givers as well. One of the best rewards of success is being able to share that with others in some way,” Todd said. “It’s great to make helping others part of your business mission. Helping your local community can be fun too,” he added. One of his favorite projects was helping his daughter with her traveling lemonade stand over the summer. They loaded up the radio flyer with pitchers of lemonade, ice and cups and took to the neighborhood offering lemonade to all. All of the donations received went to their local church to help children in need.

Trading Concepts Contributor, Dave Lukas shared his passion for others success in a book released earlier this year titled ““The Ten Year Career: The Fast Track Guide to Retiring, Young, Healthy, and Fulfilled.” Dave, who has been called a “Modern Day Renaissance Man,” achieved success early in life. This book provides step by step instructions for individual success. Dave is also involved in several non-profit organizations.

During the holidays there are several opportunities to help others when and where we can. We will soon hear one of the unofficial signs that the holiday has begun — the ringing of the Salvation Army bell at local stores. Many corporations and churches will sponsor families in need. We may know of someone with a specific illness or disease and may be inspired to dedicate time to helping them or give money to support research for their cause. Perhaps there are elderly folks in your neighborhood who could use a warm home-cooked meal, or their driveway shoveled. Many organizations also accept clothing and household item donations and will pick them up from your doorstep.

For those who are inspired to give thanks by giving back, here are a few ideas for donations:

Your local food bank, church or homeless shelter
The Philippines disaster relief –
Salvation Army –
The Red Cross –
The Wounded Warrior Project –

“There are so many people in need,” Todd said, “even if you can help just one you will make a difference.”

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It's Not All about the Turkey; Trading Concepts Gives Thanks and …

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