Oh My Goodness… Part 2 – Requiem for a Tasty Dream

Today I decided to follow my heart and not my brain in trading. Net result? An up day but my profits were eroded quickly when I took winners off the table as losers and then decided to get greedy which delayed closing out of winners and a few other winners turning south. TSLA rallied due to the initial buy to […]

How To Trade Super Stocks: TSLA vs. XON Intrexon Technical Analysis Case Study

If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed my latest tweet on what to expect during uptrends and downtrends:This is my 17th year trading the markets. The above statement is the essence of what I am experiencing on a daily basis. In order to get exposure to potential super winners you have to identify the right pond to […]

Stock Trends for 2015

I’m always in search of trends that may offer solid investment opportunities (using individual stocks) but at the same time may not be “bleeding edge” technology. The best performing trend trading stocks don’t have to be unknown or highly touted IPO’s but rather they can be established companies. In searching for trends in 2015, the list of stocks I have […]

Fed's Concerns Trigger Another Selloff In Momentum Stocks

By Larry DarrellPublished: July 15, 2014 at 3:25 pm ESTClick Ticker to See live coverageSOCL

Social media and biotechnology stocks have been under scrutiny for their high valuations, raising concerns among many investors as well as the US Federal Reserve. In the Fed’s biannual report on monetary policy, the central bank voiced concerns over these so-called momentum stocks.“Nevertheless, valuation metrics in […]

NEW: Technical Analysis of Women in Jars! (GLD, GS) – Oakshire …

We’re going to open this week with a discussion of one aspect of market psychology that we hope you’ll find interesting.We believe it’s worthy of discussion because it happens often enough to be chartable, and, to a fairly great degree, its outcome is also predictable.It’s quite simply the phenomenon of the sideways moving market.Time Frames and Market Patterns We should be […]

3 Stocks With Premium To Trade Into The Summer … – Minyanville

The stock market goes through cycles of volume tied to the time of year. The saying “sell in May and go away” has long been an adage shared by many traders. As the weather is getting warmer and many investors’ thoughts begin to shift to the beach, options traders like myself will begin to adjust their trading plans to accommodate […]

U.S. investor Jim Rogers pegs junk bonds as a short-sell candidate

[Reuters] – Junk bonds, which have done well this year, look like the most promising short trade the bond market has to offer, prominent investor Jim Rogers told Reuters in an interview on Monday. Barclays’ U.S. junk bond index has risen 3.98 percent so moreView todays social media effects on TSLAView the latest stocks trending across Twitter. Click to […]

[$$] BMW’s Carbon Fiber Could Test Tesla

moreView todays social media effects on TSLAView the latest stocks trending across Twitter. Click to view dashboardSee who Tesla is hiring next, click here to view […]