More Negatives than Positives, but…

More Negatives than Positives, but…Posted by Joe Fahmy
on August 9th, 2015

Share on StockTwitsPart of my investment philosophy is to look at the positive and negative signs in the market and adjust my investment levels accordingly. It is important to keep an open mind when doing this. Don’t get too caught up in what “you think the market should be doing.” […]

Oh My Goodness… Part 2 – Requiem for a Tasty Dream

Today I decided to follow my heart and not my brain in trading. Net result? An up day but my profits were eroded quickly when I took winners off the table as losers and then decided to get greedy which delayed closing out of winners and a few other winners turning south. TSLA rallied due to the initial buy to […]

NDX Leads on Biotech Activity…DJIA Lags on TRV, DD, IBM Earnings…ATI, LRCX Gap Higher…Semis Gain

Three of nine sectors moved higher on Tuesday…XLV, XLP and XLY were the strongest sectors and XLE was the weakest.Breadth weakenedas advancers led decliners 1.001 to 1 on the NYSE and decliners led advancers 1.02 to 1 on the NASDAQ.Tuesday – weakened, mixedMonday – strengthened, advancers ledFriday – weakened, decliners ledThursday – weakened, decliners ledWednesday – strengthened, advancers ledSPY down […]

Health Care & Biotech Leading The Way In 2015 Thus Far


Small Cap Health Care & Biotech Leading The Way In 2015 Thus FarHealth Care/Biotech Names Still DominatingThe average stock in the Russell 3,000 (which makes up roughly 98% of US-listed stocks) is now up 1.68% in 2015. Below we have calculated the average year-to-date performance of stocks by sector. As shown, Health Care (XLV) (IBB) stocks are up by far […]

It’s Always Paranoiac At the Highs

Is this time different? Is oil down because we just have a shit load of it, or is it because the global economies are sucking at growth so badly that we”ll never have to fire up another factory again?  Does this action portend a vicious black swan that only few can see? Crude has just about been cut in half […]

Netflix Big Short in Play NFLX – YouTube

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STTG Market Recap May 29, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Another positive day for the bulls as the overbought condition we saw Tuesday only had 1 day of rest (yesterday) and today another moderate move.  This despite a quite awful GDP figure in the morning but most are blaming that on weather.  The S&P 500 and NASDAQ had twin gains of 0.54%.    The Commerce Department said gross domestic product declined […]

[video] Dow, S&P At Fresh Highs on Tech Rally, Chinese Market Reform

[at TheStreet] – The Dow Jones and S&P 500 both closed at fresh record highs as tech stocks rebounded, small caps jumped, and China announced a raft of capital markets reforms. moreView todays social media effects on NFLXView the latest stocks trending across Twitter. Click to view dashboardSee who Netflix is hiring next, click here to view […]