Stocks Finally Post A Gain

Stocks put in their first positive close in over a week Wednesday. Trading volume continues to be heavy as selling pressure eases. Gains were broad across the board, with a concentration on large cap indexes. Leading stocks lagged, as did small caps. So now I’ll keep an eye out for building strength, although I don’t expect it yet. With a […]

Large Caps Take The Day

Stocks rallied today, lead mainly by the large cap names. Trading volume eased, giving some indication the bounce from recent lows may be tiring. Leading names and small caps lagged the market. It’s becoming tough to find quality entry points, as many stocks are rolling over. Curiously, biotechs lost ground today. If this trend continues, which I doubt it will, […]

Market Bounces, On Cue

Stocks rebounded in typical fashion Wednesday, with most sectors participating equally. Trading levels picked up as these days are becoming very obvious to the masses. The smart money is looking for the bounce that fails – signifying a change in market behavior. Recent bounces haven’t lead to much – with only modest gains being achieved all year. Leading stocks moved […]

Large Caps Bend Lower

Stocks were generally lower on the day, Monday, lead by large cap names. Trading levels were light, and there were pockets of strength in growth areas. I found quite a few biotech names that looked strong, even though the IBB was negative on the day. The index, along with small cap indexes does not look as broken as the large […]

Stocks Come In

Stocks came in again on Tuesday, after a morning bounce, still consolidating after last weeks gains. Trading volume was again light. Leading stocks continue to hold their own and now include biotechs, midcaps and small caps. I had buy signals on speculative stocks ABMD, OVAS, and DPLO – none of which I bought. Both ABMD and DPLO gave no safe […]

More Money Moving Out Of Large Cap Indexes

More money found it’s way out of the large cap indexes, moving into midcaps, biotechs and select leading names. Trading volume was light as the day was pretty slow. Leading stocks continue to outperform without flashing buy signals. Some of the outperformance is simply holding steady as the indexes sag. The biotech indexes, on the other hand, remain in strong […]

A Thud To Close Out The Year

Stocks reversed earlier gains to close lower on New Year’s Eve. Trading volume picked up a bit, but remained light. Leading stocks looked good early in the day, but once again fizzled. This has been a common theme since summer. I don’t know what it’s going to take for companies with the best growth prospects to attract investment. Wondering where […]