Breaking Alert: Massive Cyber Attack May Be Under Way: NYSE …

Technical glitches this morning are raising homeland security concerns. Though it is not yet clear if the events are related, two separate technical incidents have led to problems in the computer systems that control stock market trading on the NYSE and automation on airlines owned by United.At 11:30 AM Eastern time the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) halted trading after reports that […]

All trading halted on New York Stock Exchange following 'technical …

The New York Stock Exchange has had a bumpy day, according to Art Cashin, director of floor operations at the NYSE. Following technical issues with connectivity, the NYSE halted all trades, prompting a collective freakout on Twitter. Following the software glitch that grounded United Airlines flights this morning, the shutdown prompted fears of a broader bug or cyberattack. The department […]

Intellicheck Mobilisa: A $0.40 Stock That Should Be Trading At $2

The markets for mobile software and anything else wireless related are very big, and become bigger each year. Estimates differ, but size and scope are certainly in the billions of dollars. With it comes security, which is nowadays a hot debated issue. Companies operating in any of these markets are generally awarded high valuations by Wall Street, trading at high […]