BIOTECH STOCKS ARE ON FIRE | Trading Algorithms with The Fly

The medicine man, for the win.My current biotech holdings consist of NDRM, GILD, AMGN (big pharma), JAZZ, ICPT, SGEN and I own a few hospital names like LPNT and HCA. I am a man of many hats. But I will tell you, this sector isn’t done going higher.Just the other day, this industry was down in the dirt, Hybrid score […]

Big Fade, Go Figure

This is a week of Earnings and Expirations, so at the very least we should expect to see additional volatility in the market.  We also have to take into account  that the Major Indices, and some Sectors, are technically speaking in a somewhat “vulnerable” position after seeing some early distribution days to start the year.Right now, all the major indexes […]