What does a Dead Cat Bounce pattern tells traders about a stock?

A:A dead cat bounce is a technical trading pattern that signals to traders the continuation of a downtrend, that a stock’s price is likely to continue to decline. The chart pattern appears when only a small, short-lived recovery follows a significant, severe decline in a stock’s price. This trading pattern is considered a relatively definitive indicator of market weakness. It […]

Is VIX Beckoning The Stock Market Bear? :: The Market Oracle …

Is VIX Beckoning The Stock Market Bear?Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jun 20, 2014 – 11:03 AM GMTBy: Clif_Droke

The FOMC issued guidance at its Wednesday policy meeting to the effect that interest rates would remain low into the foreseeable future. It further lowered the pace of its monthly asset purchases by $10 billion to $35 billion per month. […]