Learn To Trade Penny Stocks For Big Profits – Stock Market Watch

Learn To Trade Penny Stocks For Big Profits – Stock Market Watch

Welcome to the #1 Rated Penny Stock Newsletter 2 Years Running

Would you like to make $1,000 or even $2,000 in a single day trading stocks? Of course you would, let me show you how you can do that.

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SuperNova Elite

: Buy alert


$2.92 / Sell alert (via email and text) $3.16 – NENE ran to $3.30 (our sell alert didn’t cause any sell off as I teach my trades HOW to sell)


– Alert from a head moderator $1.20s and again $1.60. Today sold $2.10+ 50% plus move


– We started this at $.31 and I alerted this to you at $.60s $.70s and $.80s and we just sold $1.00 breakout – 300% move

Many of my subscribers start with $500 or $1,000 dollars.

You don’t NEED to have $50,000 to use my service. Remember, I am only putting in $1,000 to maybe $2,000 into “penny alerts” under $.10 with a goal of 15 to 20% or $200 to $400 profits on that size account.

Let me leave you with this thought…..

All of my trades come with a buy and sell email and text alert. I reach you no matter where you are;

chat room attendance is NOT required.

Full time job, part time job or full time trader, my system will work for you!

The longer you sit and watch the more profits you miss.

Increase Your Portfolio by 40% with my 3-5 Alerts per week that all traders can follow.

I find the trades, make the alerts and YOU make the profits.

Give me 30 days and I will help turn your portfolio around!

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Sign up before November 15 and get “Grandfathered” into the extreme value of either PREMIUM service below!

SuperNova Elite Gives YouBuy and sell emails
Buy and sell text message alerts
Price of alerts $.001 to $5.00
Scalp Trades
Swing Trades
Short Term Trades
105 Educational Video Lessons – More learning material than any other service
Live Stock Chat Room
6 Moderators that specialize in a variety of areas
Nightly Stock Scans
Portfolio Analysis of our trades
Weekly Seminars
24/7 Email Support
and more…

I look forward to meeting you and helping you become more profitable starting tomorrow

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Learn To Trade Penny Stocks For Big Profits – Stock Market Watch

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