Crescat Capital Quarterly Investor Letter Q3 2015

Download Letter (PDF)August 26, 2015Crescat Capital’s Quarterly Investor Letter, Q3 2015Dear Investors,China’s economic crisis is in full swing and Crescat has been well positioned for it. The People’s Bank of China has begun unpegging its currency this month, just as Crescat had been predicting. As we explain below, we think it is only the beginning of further yuan devaluation. Through […]

Stock market plunges since 2007 – Business Insider

It has been a wild few days in the markets.US markets are rallying Wednesday after an ugly day Tuesday, which saw stocks rally sharply early in the day before a huge sell-off in the final hour of trading.But as interesting as it is to track the play-by-plays, it’s also worth taking a gander at how this recent plunge looks relative to others.This chart from Doug Short highlights […]

How low could stocks go? – Business Insider

Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesThe stock-market tumble of the past week has reminded everyone that stock prices also go down.So this seems a good time to remind everyone that stock prices could go down a lot further. In fact, stock prices have to go down a lot further — or, at least, have to stay generally flat for a very long time […]

The Stock Market Is In Trouble – How Bad Can It Get? | Zero Hedge

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via,A Look at the Broader Market’s InternalsWe have previously discussed the stock market’s deteriorating internals, and in light of recent market weakness want to take a brief look at the broader market in the form if the NYSE Index (NYA). First it has to be noted that a majority of the stocks in the NYA […]

Short Sellers Wary Of Biotech Stocks – Benzinga

Related ALXNYale University Is Bullish On ETFs & Alexion, Sold Twitter Last QuarterThe Dow Just Delayed A ‘Death Cross’The Vetr community has upgraded $ALXN to 4.5-Stars.(Vetr)Related CELGThe Historical Correlation Between Biotech Stocks And Interest Rates5 Biotechs With Catalysts Coming This WeekWeak Market? Don’t Tell That To Google, Celgene(Investor’s Business Daily)By and large, the number of shares short in the leading […]

Prudential soothes nerves on China after stock market plunge …

Concerns about Prudential’s exposure to China helped push the company’s shares down 10% from late May. Photograph: Reuters
Prudential says turbulence on the Chinese stock market has had little effect on its business there as it reported first-half profit ahead of City forecasts.The British insurer sought to soothe City concerns by saying its Chinese operation had performed consistently for 15 years […]

Stock Market 4 Year Rest or P4 :: The Market Oracle :: Financial …

Stock Market 4 Year Rest or P4Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Aug 09, 2015 – 09:08 AM GMTBy: Tony_CaldaroThe market started the week at SPX 2104. It ticked up to SPX 2106 to start the week, then traded down to 2087 on Monday. A rally started Monday afternoon carrying the SPX to 2113 by Wednesday. Then the market pulled back to […]

This counterintuitive chart defines the stock market – Business Insider

There’s nothing more important to stock prices than earnings and expectations for earnings growth. Earnings, or net income, is literally the bottom line.While that’s a principle that plays out in the market in the long-run, it unfortunately isn’t promised in the short-run.Take this chart FactSet’s John Butters updates regularly. It shows the trajectory of the S&P 500 with the trajectory […]

China dethroned as world's most liquid stock market: 'Bad taste in …

China has lost its title as the world’s most liquid stock market as trading halts and regulatory efforts to curb bearish transactions drive away investors.Daily turnover on mainland exchanges has averaged the equivalent of US$202 billion over the past 30 days, down from US$288 billion at the start of July. After exceeding turnover on U.S. bourses for about a month […]

Why short-selling ban won't help Chinese stock market – Business …

REUTERS/Jason ReedChina is trying hard to hold up its stock market.The first sign of a full-blown crisis is when the government tries to ban short-selling, and China is no exception.Short-sellers borrow stocks and immediately sell them off, reasoning they can buy them back at a lower price in the future and pocket the difference.But their negative bets put downward pressure […]