Market Prophit Introduces Social Media Ranking of Financial …

Market Prophit Introduces Social Media Ranking of Financial …

Market Prophit Introduces Social Media Ranking of Financial Bloggers




Jan 14, 2014

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Market Prophit unveils first quantitative rankings of stock market opinion makers

NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Market Prophit an industry-leading provider of real-time stock market sentiment analysis of social media conversations, has announced the launch of one of the industry’s first tools for ranking the performance and accuracy of stock market pundits and financial bloggers within social media. The solution delivers quantitative rankings of financial bloggers’ stock calls, rating predictiveness, accuracy and quality of content. Users can now access continuous, daily rankings of market commentators, literally changing how investors process and rank stock market dialogue.


“Market Prophit is delivering a first for the investment community; the ability to obtain rankings of financial blogger performance which can help identify credibility within social media,” said Igor Gonta, CEO of Market Prophit. “This valuable real-time intelligence is a break-through for investors, and further positions us as the trusted source of social media financial blogger rankings and reliable, real-time intelligence for stock market sentiment derived from social media conversations.”

How it Works
Market Prophit uses the power of big data analytics, leveraging proprietary algorithms to measure the predictiveness and accuracy of financial blogger’s stock calls, tracking opinion makers continuously and delivering daily performance rankings. Thought leaders who deliver a proven track record of accuracy and predictiveness will earn top ranking status as mavens, or “Market Prophits.” This tool, when used in combination with Market Prophit’s social media sentiment analytics solution for market activity, provides market-leading insight and a critical intelligence advantage for the investment community. As the volume of chatter in social media about stocks keeps growing, the need for a filter which separates noise from valuable insights has become increasingly urgent for the investment community. Market Prophit’s solution solves this problem, helping investors determine which financial market bloggers are credible, and providing a filter for investors and traders which allows them to more easily search and discover the key market influencers.

Subscribers will have the opportunity to try Market Prophit’s powerful platform of social media sentiment analytic tools and blogger ranking reports during the free beta period.

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Market Prophit Introduces Social Media Ranking of Financial …

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