Time Travel, The Wall Street Wizard – Stock-Trading Time Traveler

Time Travel, The Wall Street Wizard – Stock-Trading Time Traveler

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Time Travel, The Wall Street Wizard – Stock-Trading Time Traveler
Ok we need some good news. If true it reaveals something about our future.the USA will still be here in 200 years.I do not know of anyone ever who has made […]

Stock Trading Robinhood App Hits Google Play – Droid Life

Robinhood, the free-to-use stock trading application once only available for iOS, is now downloadable on Google Play. Robinhood axes the necessity to pay firms to manage your financial transactions, putting you in the driver seat of real-time market data and quotes. Containing a wonderfully Material design, the app makes tracking of stock simplistic with color schemes, indicating the opening and closing of […]

China Carnage Continues; Investors "Lost & Concerned" Despite …

“China’s market is so distorted, you can’t sell short very confidently and you can’t buy up very confidently either,” warns one Hong Kong-based asset manager as despite massive “measures” and manipulation, Chinese stocks extend yesterday’s stunning losses (CSI-300 -5% at the open, Shanghai -4.1%). As Bloomberg reports, investors “are concerned and lost,” although government officials tried to claim the […]

The Chinese government's massive stock market stimulus is having …

China’s stock markets cratered again today, despite the government’s stimulus efforts. The Shanghai Composite Index fell by 8.5% and the Shenzhen A-shares index lost 7% of its value.Over the past 10 years, today’s drop was the second-worst on record:The fall comes after the government reported a 0.3% drop in industrial profits in June, a sign that China’s economy may be […]

Shanghai Surprise: Another Bubble Bursts

This week the casino got monkey hammered. While the last holdouts went parabolic…FANG:Wall Street’s latest acronym is Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The whole world is falling apart, but the good news is that Amazon finally made a microscopic profit by selling cheap shit over the internet. Their trailing profit margin is -.2%. I’m not making this shit up. And […]

Why the real Chinese economy is more important than the stock …

David Dollar | July 16, 2015 8:00amWhy the real Chinese economy is more important than the stock marketChina’s stock market has been on a roller-coaster ride over the past year. It more than doubled in value in the 12 months ending on June 12. Then it took a breathtaking plunge, wiping out a third of its value (more than $3 […]

China's stock market turbulence is over? Don't count on it | Business …

One investor shows the strain in a stock exchange hall in Nantong, Jiangsu province, during the recent week of turbulence. Photograph: ChinaFotoPress/Getty
The numbers are mind-boggling. Ten days of falls on the Shanghai stock exchange resulted in losses that exceeded the GDP of Mexico. And 12 million Chinese citizens who opened share-trading accounts in May were nursing potentially ruinous losses. Margin […]

Shanghai's Stock Market is Collapsing. Do Chinese People Care?

CHENGDU — The Shanghai stock market has been one wild ride for the last few months. The world has watched as stocks soared for months before a precipitous plunge in recent weeks. Millions of “novice investors” got involved in the markets when prices dramatically increased last year, the Associated Press reported.So what do normal Chinese people think about the roller […]

Biotech to break out, buy these names: Analyst –

While the stocks are not cheap, they’re not expensive, he added. What investors are paying for is high quality growth and high quality earnings.Read MoreCramer: Secret pattern to unlocking biotech richesIn fact, he thinks people have underappreciated biotech’s “fantastic” margins, noting that the companies now have 50 to 70 percent operating margins and “tons of real cash flow.””These are real […]

Dark Age

from the original by The Velvet Underground‘Can I have your autograph?’ he said to the bowl-haired Fed ChairYou know, I’ve faded every call you’ve madeFrom small cap stocks to biotech fundsAnd when you dissed ‘valuation’Gee, but I thought you were its main causation (?)You’re over your head right now, and you’re hoping for luckThey’ll come running to you anytime you […]