Social media sentiment analysis on Royal Baby – EaseSocial

Social media sentiment analysis on Royal Baby – EaseSocial

Analysis of people’s perception on Royal Baby

Is there anyone in this world with a Wikipedia page dedicated to him even before he was born? Don’t ponder, the answer is yes. Prince George had a Wikipedia page dedicated to him, a website inviting people to guess whether the royal baby will be a he or she, and was already on top of Twitter trends even before he was born. The prince even found a spot in the Google Zeitgeist. So, it has been five months since he was born and a lot of us will be wondering whether the royal baby is still the social media hot property or not. So let us answer the question, by doing a quick sentiment analysis on the royal baby.

“What are the sentiments of masses on Royal Baby”?

Here are the key findings of the people’s perception based on the sentiment analysis performed using EaseSocial:

Post Analysis

• There were 36% positive posts about the royal baby but at the same time there were 25% negative posts about him. Well the reason for the negative posts is not the baby but the whole media circus that was surrounding him. People were quite irritated by this whole circus where in a baby who was yet to be born was being given more importance than important incidents occurring across the world.

Noise analysis performed by EaseSocial:

• EaseSocial defines Noise as the number of time a particular keyword has been mentioned in Social Media, “more the mentions more the noise.”

EaseSocial monitored social media responses around the royal baby in all the major social media networks and found:

• Analysis of social networks clearly showed that users on Facebook, GooglePlus, and Twitter posted over 500 posts each about the royal baby. Yahoo users were also active and posted around 350 posts around the royal baby.

Preview of user comments found by EaseSocial :

Here are some comments posted across social media networks, EaseSocial shows both the comments as well as the sentiment of the comments: (Every comment has a bar below it, which we call the Sentiment Bar. Longer Green Bar means more Positive sentiments while longer Red Bar means more Negative sentiments)

How posts on the royal baby were trending across Social Media:

As can be seen from the analysis below, the royal baby is still making some headlines across social media, even five months after his birth. The social media activity with respect to Prince George peaked on 22, 23rd, 28th and 30th December. This shows that this whole media circus won’t stop in the coming months.

Who are the Social media Influencers with respect to the royal baby?

We call those accounts social media influencers, whose posts have gained the maximum popularity across social media. Popularity is represented in terms of likes, shares and retweets.

How Sentiment analysis can be beneficial to brands:

• Engaging your audience on social media is a herculean task. Your target audience may or may not be interested in you postings, blogs and other uploads across social media. Trending topics are always helpful but which of those can actually help you to engage your target audiences is always a tough ask. So, how do you know if your target audience would actually like what you have to say? Well, the simple answer is: Do a sentiment analysis on the trending topics using Ease Social and find out the response on various social media networks.

• EaseSocial also helps you to review the popularity of your previous posts, hourly and daily noise, the social media network which is enabling the maximum penetration to your brands posts and many more helpful statistics.

• Suppose, if a brand wants to understand the public sentiment in Cambridge, then it should do a quick sentiment analysis about any trend such as the royal baby and understand the public sentiment. If the public sentiment is positive then it may be a good time to invest in the country or to come up with engaging marketing campaigns and as is the case here, launching marketing campaigns at this time will be a good option. Hence, EaseSocial can be a powerful medium that simplifies marketing research.

• Sentiment Analysis also provides an opportunity for failing brands to understand where they are lagging and what is it that they need to improve.

You can also download this report from the link given below. Hundreds of users are using Social media sentiment analysis to gain useful insights. Generate your own sentiment analysis reports using EaseSocial. Sign up for EaseSocial today and experience the power of social media.

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Social media sentiment analysis on Royal Baby – EaseSocial

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