The Big Data Problem Will Also Be A Problem For Science 2.0

George Dyson. Credit: edge.orgIf you read about Big Data for very long, a quote from science historian George Dyson is sure to come up: “Big data is what happened when the cost of keeping information became less than the cost of throwing it away.”That will be a platform to talk about the challenges, etc.But there is a bigger problem that […]

Smart Money remain strong – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD …

With ART Position trade system, we saw a blue arrow on Straco indicating a short term buying opportunity if tomorrow’s price break above prior day high. Overall the trend of this stock is in a smooth uptrend.
Below that is our new Indicator “Smart money index” which help us to see the whether this stock have “Smart money” in it. […]

Weekly Technical Analysis – AG,GS,CS | Capitalsynthesis

Of all the weekly reports that come through its the trio of the Citi, UBS and AG reports that I am drawn to.I like the CS macro pulse and the GS weekly tech also the Barcap tech. There are many runners up in terms of analysis but top trio are standouts in my view.Later today the Swiss team’s regular but […]