GRANTHAM: The Stock Market Will Run Deep … – Business Insider

Morningstar.comJeremy GranthamYou could argue that Jeremy Grantham is bullish.In a new quarterly letter to GMO clients, the gloomy veteran fund manager predicts the S&P 500 could see another 10% surge from the 2,041 level we’re at today.”My personal fond hope and expectation is still for a market that runs deep into bubble territory (which starts… at 2250 on the S&P […]

Americas Last Days: How to Trade Stocks

This will be a step by step instruction on how to get started buying and selling stocks in the stock market online. I suggest an initial investment of over 2,000 dollars after you understand the method.Step 1 Find a good online broker
TD Ameritrade is raked number 1Free to Open an Account with valid personal information.
Fund Account fast by cash transfer […]

'Big data' collection from Google can be misleading: Study | Latest …

A significant research has put ‘big data’ collections from platforms such as Google, Twitter and Facebook in the dock, stating that campaigns and companies can manipulate these platforms to ensure their products or issues are trending.To cement their view, authors examined Google’s data-aggregating tool Google Flu Trend (GFT) which was designed to provide real-time monitoring of flu cases around the […]