3 Little-Known Stocks I'm Glad I Bought

Source: Flickr user in clinical-stage biotech stocks isn’t for the faint of heart. The industry’s jaw-dropping pops and drops can be so dramatic as to suit these stocks only the most speculative portion of an investor’s portfolio.However, for investors willing to accept the risk of buying little-known biotech stocks such as Ophthotech , Portola Pharmaceuticals , and Insys Therapeutics […]

5 Tiny Biotech Stocks to Own in 2015

Biotech stocks are among the market’s riskiest, but investors willing to accept the potential for pipeline failure might consider owning these five small-cap biotech stocks in 2015. All five have intriguing therapies in late-stage clinical trials, and three have high-profile big-cap partners.Source: Flickr user Carlos Gracia1. Proven performerInsys Therapeutics is already rewarding shareholders with rapid sales growth and profitability, but […]

Could These Tiny Biotech Stocks Double in 2015?

Biotechnology’s mind-numbing share price volatility means that only the most risk-tolerant investors should consider owning them — but for investors with a penchant for risk and a stomach tough enough to handle the inevitable pops and drops, there may be opportunities to discover emerging biotech companies with promising pipelines that could send their shares significantly higher in 2015. Ophthotech Corporation […]