Playmate Kennedy Summers day trading – Business Insider

Getty Images/ Mike WindleKennedy Summers, Playboy’s 2014 ‘Playmate of the Year.’See AlsoThe SEC is hunting hackers who stole corporate emails to trade stocksORDERED CHAOS: An annotated guide to the bustling trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile ExchangeJimmy Lee was the greatest investment banker of our time, but that’s not what made him specialPlayboy’s 2014 “Playmate of the Year,” Kennedy Summers, […]

Using Big Data To Fight Pandemics | TechCrunch

Editor’s note: Nuria Oliver is a scientific director at Telefonica looking at how the use of big data can help to fight pandemics such as Ebola and bird flu.Last year, I gave a talk at WIRED 2013​ on how anonymous and aggregated mobile phone data can be used to understand and combat the spread of infectious diseases. I described a study that we […]

Free R-User Discount Code – TEXATA 2014 Big Data World …

Invitation to Big Data Analytics World Championships 2014We invite members of the R-Bloggers/R-Users community to participate in the inaugural 2014 TEXATA Big Data Analytics World Championships ( You’re Free Discount Code is: 2014RUSERS (normally $30 fully paid entry).  Here are important dates for the TEXATA educational business competition:Round 1 on 18th October 2014 (Online)Round 2 on 1st November 2014 (Online)World Finals on 22nd/23rd November 2014 (Austin) About TEXATAThe […]

How IBM is using big data to fix Beijing's pollution crisis – Quartz

Of China’s major cities, Beijing’s pollution problem is probably the worst, causing thousands of premature deaths every year. Its residents are fed up. The growing outrage has forced leaders to declare a “war on pollution,” including the goal of slashing Beijing’s PM2.5— the concentration of the particles that pose the greatest risk to human health—by 25% by 2017. The Beijing […]

If The 2014 Stock Market Action Has Made You A Little Uneasy, You …

If you find yourself wanting to beat your head against the door, don’t fret, you’ve got company. 
And if you are spending an inordinate amount of time yelling at your screens, don’t despair – the guy next to you is probably doing the exact same thing.
Sandwiched in between the January/February’s -5.76 percent decline in the S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY) and the […]

Top LinkedIn Groups in 2014 for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining …

We analyze Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science. Overall activity drops about 25%, but membership growth accelerates in Q4 2013. We identify 4 group quadrants: Active, Posting, Commenting, and Passive.comments
By Gregory Piatetsky, Apr 14, 2014.
We update our

analysis of Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and […]

Upcoming Webcasts on Analytics, Big Data, Data Science

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State of BI, Risk Assessment, Data Science Summit, Large-Scale Real-Time Learning, Data Mining: failure to launch, Online fraud detection, and more.
Here are upcoming webcasts on Analytics, Big Data, Data Science and Data Mining.
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The State of Business […]

Why the only thing better than big data is bigger data – Quartz

For many businesses, big data is superfluous. Except, a recently-published paper on the mathematics of big data reveals, when it isn’t. It turns out there is a kind of data that, like black holes or evil wizards of Middle Earth, only becomes more powerful the larger it grows. What’s more, suggest researchers Enric Junqué de Fortuny, David Martens and Foster […]