Five things to remember about small-cap stocks

Small-cap stocks have really taken it on the chin these past few months and the past week has certainly been horrible with big declines across the board.Based on the questions our company receives from investors, though, it seems people need to be reminded about the dangers and unique features of small caps. Or maybe things have just been too good […]

6 Tech Stocks To Own In A High-Growth Market – Benzinga

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The Ways to Learn Stock Trading written | ze articles

The Ways to Learn Stock Trading writtenIf you are planning to start investing in stock trading, it’s important to first have an access to several sources of quality education and some experience. In fact, trial and error together with the ability to continue pressing forth will at last lead you to success. One good thing about this kind of investment […]

This week on AppleInsider: Stock market jeopardy, 'iPhone 6s' press …

–A+This week on AppleInsider: Stock market jeopardy, ‘iPhone 6s’ press event, Apple Music numbers & moreBy Roger FingasSaturday, August 08, 2015, 01:38 am PT (04:38 am ET)This week was tougher for Apple than some others, with serious trouble on the stock market, but the company did make headlines with rumors about a September press event, and the first-ever official Apple […]

Stock Market Crashed Yesterday with Huge Sell-Off of Media Stock …

Stock Market Crashed Yesterday with Huge Sell-Off of Media Stock: The Reality, Traditional Media is Dead!
— August 7, 2015With all due respect to Mark Twain, it appears that recent reports of traditional media’s death have in fact not been “greatly exaggerated.” If anything, they were understated. Yesterday, investors dumped their media stocks, confirming what we’ve known for some time: the […]

Stock Trading written | ze articles

Understanding stock trading can be overwhelming giving the rapid growth of online trading sites and do it yourself resources. It may seem hard to understand but learning who to talk to and go to will help you.First, you need to make time every day to learn about stock trading. Whether you keep notes on the computer, in a notebook, or […]

Bill Gross On How To Play The Decline In The Chinese Stock Market

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Economy: The End Of Capitalism?

(Drivebycuriosity) – “The end of capitalism has begun”, claims the British paper “The Guardian” (theguardian). The text looks like a wet socialist dream. Paul Mason, a Marxist and author of this article, declares that information technology (Internet, software, cloud computing and more) will destroy capitalism and replace it by “postcapitalism”.I disagree. Capitalism is just changing its face, as it has […]

Shanghai Surprise: Another Bubble Bursts

This week the casino got monkey hammered. While the last holdouts went parabolic…FANG:Wall Street’s latest acronym is Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The whole world is falling apart, but the good news is that Amazon finally made a microscopic profit by selling cheap shit over the internet. Their trailing profit margin is -.2%. I’m not making this shit up. And […]

Presenting The "Glamour" Bubble In All Its Glory

There are those who say that the second coming of the tech bubble “is different.” And perhaps, if only in the realm of semantics, it is. Which is why Bank of America has a more digestible term for the new bubble: it is not so much pure tech as “glamour” a concept which consists of “Internet Software, Biotech and Computers […]