Leaning into the Wind

Calm was seemingly restored last week as Greece embraced a punishing deal offered by the EU while Chinese authorities reversed the A-share meltdown with a capital infusion estimated at over $200 billion dollars and the implied threat of capital punishment for anyone daring to sell short. Against a backdrop of positive economic releases and a pullback from catastrophe overseas, a […]

#Biotech and #socialmedia stocks doing well

#Biotech and #socialmedia stocks doing well | QUANTLABS.NET

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Softer Rate Hike Cycle Ahead?

The “Good Friday” Jobs Report may be one of the most anticlimactic in memory as the sharp slowdown in the jobs growth rate ran smack into a market closed for the holiday weekend and while it truly was a good Friday for anyone still long the PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP), what sort of situation will investors […]

Two Websites That Test Stock-Trading Ideas – Barron's

Got a trading idea you’d like to try out before putting money down? BackLive and QuantConnect are two new Websites where you can create algorithmic trading strategies, and test how they might have fared in markets past.Both are quantitative trading sites that enable subscribers to distill their market ideas into algorithms and even make automatic trades when certain thresholds are […]

The Stock Market Hasn't Had A 10% Correction In … – Business Insider

“”It has been 408 days since the last 10% correction in the MSCI World index, the 8th-longest period on record,” writes Andrew Lapthorne, global head of quantitative strategy at Société Générale, in a note to clients today.”However, simply not having a correction for a long time does not necessarily imply impending doom for equities; we find no relationship between time […]