Harness Biotech Stock Volatility with an Options Strategy :: The …

Harness Biotech Stock Volatility with an Options StrategyCompanies / BioTechAug 13, 2015 – 10:27 PM GMTBy: TLSReportVolatility is the nature of the biotech beast, and it must be tamed or utilized to advantage. That’s the philosophy of Eden Rahim, portfolio manager and option strategist at Theta Strategies Capital. Can you grow a portfolio if some of your more successful names […]

Capitalize on Comeback Stories in Micro-Cap Biotech Stocks :: The …

Capitalize on Comeback Stories in Micro-Cap Biotech StocksCompanies / BioTechJun 17, 2015 – 09:55 PM GMTBy: TLSReportThe list of problems with investing in micro-cap biotech stocks begins with extreme volatility and lack of liquidity and ends with the inability to get validation from sophisticated investors who are unable to own such small companies. Nevertheless, sift through the pile and investors […]

7 Micro-Cap Biotech Stocks with Massive Potential

Biotechnology can be daunting to comprehend, but understanding is critical to successful investment.BioWatch News Founder Alan Leong has a nose for growth names, and his goal is to make their technology platforms clear to investors who might not be able to make sense of peer-reviewed scientific literature but want the big upside that science promises. In this interview with The […]

Health Care Sector Update for 03/02/2015: ATHX,OHRP,PCRX

MRK -0.30%ABT +0.13%AMGN +0.40%Health care stocks were mostly higher, with the NYSE Health Care Sector Index climbing 0.3% and shares of health care companies in the S&P 500 advancing 0.6% as a group.In company news, Athersys (ATHX) advanced Monday after the biotech company lined up Japanese drugmaker Chugai to help it develop its stem-cell therapy for stoke.Under terms of the […]

Twitchy Stock Trading Game 'The Firm' Removes IAP and Adds New …

In August of last year, Sunnyside Games released The Firm [$0.99], a twitchy high-scoring game based around stock trading. It featured simple swipe left or right controls for buying and selling stocks, making it a perfect one-handed game, and it also boasted some lovely pixel art and a main mechanic that was super easy to understand but very difficult […]

Select 2015 Stem Cell Company Catalysts: Sagient Research’s Edward Stopke

Under agreement with StreetWise Reports, I’m pleased to share their recent coverage of the regenerative medicine sector.Original Source: Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report (1/22/15)”Convert Catalysts into Profits: Sagient Research’s Edward Stopke“The biotech sector is teeming with companies racing to bring the hot new drug or therapy to the marketplace. But realistically assessing the therapeutic potential of pipeline […]

STTG Market Recap August 12, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Indexes gyrated around the unchanged area in the morning, followed by some light selling later in the day.  The S&P 500 fell 0.16% and NASDAQ 0.27%.  Reuters reported on Tuesday that Russia has sent a 280 truck convoy to Ukraine carrying humanitarian aid, which the receiving country says it may block. NATO fears the aid may be a disguised bid […]

Big data confirms climate extremes are here to stay –

In a paper published online today in the journal Scientific Reports, published by Nature, Northeastern researchers Evan Kodra and Auroop Ganguly found that while global temperature is indeed increasing, so too is the variability in temperature extremes. For instance, while each year’s average hottest and coldest temperatures will likely rise, those averages will also tend to fall within a wider […]