RealClearMarkets – Is the Stock Market Rigged? Not Exactly

shadowIn this post, I address the assertion by Michael Lewis during his 60 Minutes interview and in his new book, “Flash Boys,” that the market is “rigged” by high-frequency traders.So, is the stock market “rigged”?No. But, as Mr. Wilde said, the truth isn’t pure or simple. Read Full Article ›› TAGGED: Stock Market, Brian Schreiner

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RealClearMarkets – Is the Stock […]

The Stock Market Is Rigged! The Stock Market Is Not Rigged …

After the announcement of Michael Lewis’ new book (which I don’t have a copy of, and I am not asking for one), together with a variety of interviews, he declared that the stock market is rigged. This is a convenient finding that will gladden the hearts of many who have tried the markets and lost. The trouble is, there are […]

How the Stock Market is Rigged – Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

March 31, 2014How the Stock Market is Rigged

Michael Lewis’ great new book Flash Boys comes out today and he was on 60 Minutes last night explaining how traders use high-frequency, algorithmic trading to rig the stock market in their favor.
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