How to Use Penny Stock Analysis to Trade Altcoins | Altcoin …

Altcoins are the volatile little brothers of Bitcoin in our NEW “digital currency” space.These tradable currencies are ALSO in my opinion, a distant cousin (trading wise) of micro-cap or penny stocks (which fluctuate very similarly in value). Altcoins and penny stocks, both have prices which are subject to manipulatory “pump and dump” groups, email newsletter promotions and drops, 100 – 1000% price gains, and […]

Review of Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Trading Alerts on

A lot of people would like to work on the stock market and earn money from commodities, options, stocks and others. However, it is incredibly difficult to get started in this, because learning the various strategies can take a lot of time.Unfortunately, as you learn to trade, you are working with real money, which means most don’t want to take […]

Understanding the Behavior of the Stock Market – Timothy Sykes

Share”/>EmailShare”/>EmailIntroduction:So how do traders and investment firms predict which stocks will pay off big? How do they know when to buy and sell?The simple fact is there is no simple way to predict the behavior stock market. A number of factors cause rises and falls in share prices through gradual change or sharp spikes. The best way to understand how […]