Country Stock Market Performance

Country Stock Market Performance

Below is a look at the quarter-to-date and year-to-date stock market performance for 75 countries around the world. So far this quarter, the average change for the 75 countries shown has been +1.12%. For the year, the average country is up 4.76%.

In 2013, the US found itself in the top half of the list in terms of stock market performance around the world. So far this year, however, its weak returns put it in the bottom half of the list. With a year-to-date gain of 1.17% (S&P 500), the US currently ranks 46th out of 75. If you were to use the Dow (-0.87% YTD) instead of the S&P 500, the US would rank 56th out of 75, and if you were to use the Nasdaq (-2.88% YTD), the US would rank 63rd out of 75.

Of the G7 countries, the US currently ranks 5th out of 7 in terms of year-to-date performance. Italy is up the most with a gain of 8.87%, followed by Canada (+6.71%), France (+3.57%) and Britain (+1.39%). Germany ranks behind the US with a YTD gain of just 0.78%, while Japan ranks last with a YTD decline of 13.47%. Japan actually ranks dead last on the entire list, even behind Russia, which is currently down 13.08% YTD.

Dubai has by far been the best performing country in 2014 with a YTD gain of 53.75%. Qatar ranks 2nd with a YTD gain of 26.25%. Two of the four BRICs have also posted solid gains this year. India is currently up 13.94% YTD, while Brazil is up 4.47%.

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Country Stock Market Performance

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