Biotech Bloodbath Sparks Selling Scramble In Stocks

Author’s impression of today’s stock market…Post-FOMC, everything’s not looking so awesome…Small Caps were the biggest lower on the day, followed by Nasdaq, Trannies and The Dow & S&P… but the drop was very uniform…and started as the cash markets opened…The Dow has fallen back into the Red YTD and the S&P is close…Financials are now down 2% from before Yellen…Biotechs […]

Dow’s Worst Day Since January Despite Crude Buying Panic

Despite rate-cut-fest, and crude buying panic, stocks stumbled for the 2nd day in a row…Stocks held steady through the Asia session despite a plethora of rate cuts (and shitty Japanese data) then legged lower on weak EU PMIs only to stumble hard on more misses and weakness in US data… that was followed by the now ubiquitous v-shaped recopvery that […]

Japanese Stocks Tumble To 13-Month Low Against Dow After 35th …

After trading well above the Dow at last year’s peak (and equal with it at 2013 year-end), the Nikkei 225 is now almost 2000 points below the level of the Dow – a 13-month low. Trading not far off the EM-crisis lows of January, Japanese stocks are fading as JPY can’t sustain any offer and carry-trades are unwound. Not helped […]

QE Trade Continues As Bonds, Bullion, And High-Beta Stocks Bounce

So Venezuela is collapsing, Thailand is crumbling, and Ukraine is for all intent and purpose under martial law, US macro data is dreadful (and no, it’s not all the frigging weather), and German consumer confidence dumped again; and US stocks soar (8th day in a row for Nasdaq for first time since July) on the back of a BoJ move […]