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Corporate America has been benefiting from low interest rates, which have kept interest costs low and profit margins fat.So, as the Fed prepares everyone for what could be an era of higher interest rates, investors are left with a big question: what does this mean for all of the debt held by corporations?For one thing, we should remember that […]

Can It Get Worse For LeapFrog? – Benzinga

Related LFStocks Hitting 52-Week LowsMorning Market LosersEven A Kiss From A Princess Can’t Save LeapFrog(Seeking Alpha)In a report published Monday, BMO Capital Markets analyst Gerrick L. Johnson maintained an Outperform rating on LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: LF), while reducing the price target from $8 to $4, saying that the company is “leaping backwards.”LeapFrog accounted its F4Q EPS at a loss […]

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Jun. 1, 2015, 11:38 AM
There’s nothing more important to stock prices than earnings and expectations for earnings growth. Earnings, or net income, is literally the bottom line.While that’s a principle that plays out in the market in the long-run, it unfortunately doesn’t in the long run.Take this chart from FactSet’s John Butters. It shows the trajectory of the S&P […]

Inside China's Insane IPO Market: Full Frontal | Zero Hedge

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: China’s equity mania truly is the gift that keeps on giving, and not just for those who are riding the wave, but also for those who, like us, appreciate the humor in a giant, margin-fueled bubble that’s captivated millions upon millions of semi-literate housewives and banana vendors turned day traders.While there […]

No, the Biotech Boom Isn’t Over

By Ben LevisohnRBC’s Michael Yee and team aren’t too worried about biotech stocks like Gilead Sciences (GILD), Celgene (CELG), and Biogen Idec (BIIB) despite the biotech sector’s big drop last week:
Biotech felt another volatile pullback (similar to March) in the last week of April, pulling back 9% in a week. Investors had their helmets on as we went right through […]

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ReutersOn Thursday morning, the employment cost index, or ECI, for the first quarter will be released. Unlike the average hourly earnings number released in the monthly jobs report, the ECI is a more comprehensive measure of compensation, taking into account things like how much employers spend on things like benefits in addition to wages. Currently expectations are for the report to show […]

Why Smart Money Loves This Biotech Stock

Source: Amgen, Flickr.The biotech sector is something of a roulette wheel for investors. The chances of being right are typically against you, but if you can land a winner every now and then the rewards can multiply many times over your initial bet.A majority of the biotech sector is comprised of clinical-stage pipelines or developing product portfolios which are still […]

Cracking The Best Healthcare Dividend Stock Secret

This Weekend my eyes and thoughts curved around the Healthcare sector. I read several interesting articles from the sector, mostly about the biotech’s and new Hepatitis C drugs from Gilead, Sovaldi and Harvoni.Those are very expensive drugs with potential to kill the current medical systems but they also generate tons of cash for their corporate.I also noticed that the Healthcare […]

David Stockman; Why Yellen And The Feds Are Bubble Blind, They Apparently Believe Wall Street’s EPS Scam

Surveying the Fed’s handiwork during last week’s press conference, Janet Yellen noted that all was awesome except that stocks were now slightly “on the high side” of their historical range. You can say that again! In fact, you can say that any one capable of uttering such tommyrot has been totally bamboozled by Wall Street’s sell-side con artists. Yes, the […]

3 Excellent Biotech Stocks to Buy on the Dip

After an incredible run, investors are finally seeing some pain in the biotech and broader health care sector. Major biotechnology indexes were off over 4% in Wednesday trading, while the short term trend has not been favorable either.Some investors may now think that the bubble has burst for the high growth biotech sector, but there are actually still a few […]